The Golden Mean -

We find in the ASIS logo, two methods of constructing the golden proportion using Euclidean tools.

The logo represents a system or series of systems that ever resolve themselves in harmony and usefulness.

The golden proportion was selected to be an integral part of the logo representing Access Solutions Information Services. The construction is a network of scribed arcs and straight lines that resolve themselves in useful relationship. We are able to arrive, through technological, conceptual, human based rationality at a relationship that nature exudes. Nature can't help herself, it's just how the flower grows. But man can stray and create abominations. So many of us live far removed from natural structure and as we venture into cyber space we are even further removed from order that can keep us sane. Our logo pays homage to nature's wisdom and serves as a reminder that with a little care, we can structure our world in a way that gives us beauty and peaceful resolve.

Information requires perspective or context. The relevance of information is based on its usefulness.

The Internet is a wild display of information but there is a structure that allows us to access what is useful or relevant to us at any given time. ASIS provides a starting point - a golden mean from which to embark on your quest for relevant information. Our intention is to provide a home base that is thoughtfully positioned to help you find your way.

(fig. 1)

The first construction (fig.1) gives us information on how to find the golden mean of any given line.

We scribe a line AB to which we can attach the value of 1. Then we scribe a second line of equal length BD, perpendicular to AB. Finding the mid point (M) of line AB, scribe a diagonal line MD and drop an arc with M as the mid point.

Extend line AB, beyond B, until it meets the arc at point C creating line BC. Now we have established the golden ratio where we see that line BC is to AB, as AB is to AC. The shorter line BC is to the next longer line AB as AB is to the whole (AC).

Within this ratio of proportion called "The Golden Mean" I find the greatest guide line to relationship and social interaction, "The Golden Rule", "do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

The mysteries of the golden mean are further reviled within the structure of a pentagon. Thus the ASIS logo further consists of a method of finding the length of a side of a pentagon.

(fig. 2)

The second construction (fig.2) describes a method of creating a pentagon within a given circle. We begin with our original lines AB and BD, (AB=BD=1). Scribe a circle (x) with a mid point at B. Let the radius of x be equal to BD. Now scribe an arc (y) with the same mid point M as we found in fig.1. The diameter of y is equal to the line AB. Next, scribe an arc (z) with a mid point D that just touches arc (y). Now, z crosses x at points E and F. Scribe a line EF. EF is the length of one side of a pentagon that can now be scribed within the circle x. I get a thrill from this next step. Scribe the diagonal MD as was done in fig.1. Line MD crosses line EF at point G. Point G cuts EF at the golden mean of EF. With these illustrations, using simple geometry of line and arc we are able to reveal the relationship inherent in natures harmonious order.

Throw a pebble into a quiet pond. The concentric circles of wavelets produced by the pebble dropping into the water, follow one another in this same harmonious order of proportions. If one were to measure the circumference of any one circle or wave at any given moment, and add to that the circumference of the next smaller circle, the sum equals the circumference of the next larger wavelet. I call this magic.

Examples of the golden proportion are found everywhere in nature. Look at the dual spiral pattern apparent in the face of a sunflower or a daisy. Nature's way is elegantly pronounced in the spiral growth of a chambered nautilus shell. Each subsequent chamber is proportional to the previous chamber in the unfolding sequence of growth.

In this vast new frontier of communication and information serving, one can become distracted or lost. ASIS provides a network and a "mean" point from which you can embark on your quest for relevant information. As a publisher, ASIS provides a structure that facilitates access to information you present to this new global community.

Welcome to Access Solutions Information Services!

Rex White

Folks have been requesting refrence materials. I recomend the following books that address the subject of The Golden Proportion.
Sacred Geometry, by Robert Lawlor, published by Crossroad
The Power of Limits, by Gyorgy Doczi, published by Shambala
The Divine Proportion, by H. E. Huntley, published by Dover

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