“Our revels now are ended…”


Dear Friends of Shakespeare at Benbow Lake,

It is with great sadness that we announce the final curtain for our local Shakespearean festival. Our festival ran for 23 years, making us the 2nd oldest one in the state, thanks to a dedicated all-volunteer board and crew. However, due to rising transportation costs, the wonderful troupe and theatrical crew who performed for us, Festival Theatre Ensemble, is no longer able to tour, and will continue to perform in the Bay Area only (you can check their website, www.festivaltheatreensemble.org for performances). Also, the proliferation of other Shakespeare festivals has reduced our attendance in the last couple of years, keeping some out-of-town patrons in their own communities.

Rather than risk using up the rest of our funds, we have decided to continue our sponsorship of performing arts within our community by making cash donations to the Save Our Schools Foundation for use in the schools' performing arts program, and to the Recycled Youth theater program. Our festival founder, Dana Dimmick, had requested that funds be used in this way, should Shakespeare at Benbow Lake ever cease operations, so we are honoring her wishes and our bylaws.

We are donating all of our festival equipment, including chairs, tables, tents, and serving equipment to our Community Park, so they can continue to be used for the good of the Park for both private and public functions.

We want to thank you for supporting Shakespeare at Benbow Lake, and encourage those of you from outside our immediate area to check our community website, www.garberville.org , for other events, festivals and more wonderful reasons to visit our area.


The Board of Shakespeare at Benbow Lake:

Julia Anderson, Jan Benbow, John Dimmick, Jeane Elder, Sita Formosa, Jane Gund, Carolyn Hino-Bourassa, Susie Mattila, Marcia Mendels, Don Orazem, Susan Ostheim, and Carol Scher.

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