C.L. Heald

A Painting's Progress # 3

A Painting's Progress

Though it may not be obvious what this painting is all about, or why it is this size and shape,

it should be clear that the trick at this point will be pulling all the different elements together

to make it into a painting. The "stuff" is all in place and the fun begins!

Studio congestion and my pet freeway interchange

Dressed for the occasion

The second digital joining begins to give a closer idea of what this painting might look like
in the end. There is no way of telling at this point, however. Many rivers to swim and bridges
to cross. Like any good journey, there are unforeseen obstacles to overcome and unimaginable
discoveries to be made. Many forks in the road. The neat thing about painting is that I get to 
make the rivers I swim, build the bridges I cross, and, if the going gets tough, build a whole 
new road to travel!

A Painting's Progress  


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