C.L. Heald

A Painting's Progress # 4

Both canvases have been rotated 90° and physically joined for the first time.
They will remain in this position while I work on the transition between the
two. After three days, I seem to be going backward, not yet finding the key 
moves to do the trick. Once the transition idea gets worked out sufficiently,
I'll return them to the horizontal, balance the top and bottom to the newly
painted mid-section, return to this position to balance the mid-section to the
newly painted top an bottom, etc. etc. until it looks right........clh'.... 6/20/01

Making more space. The never-ending studio shuffle.

Celebrating the wonders of Elephant Brushes from France.

After a week struggling with the cloud reflection, I did the logical thing. I got rid of the problem.
Now things are beginning to come together.


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