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"Elmer Swims" is a non-profit, on-line journal
dedicated to the idea that: Art is a State of Mind.

We are trying to create a space where people are
more important than money; where anything you do
can be an artistic act if you believe in yourself;
if you believe in ART!

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Life is like a dumpster...
You never know what you are going to find next. The dumpster that Elmer found these "poems" and images in must have belonged to the mad hatter.

This is where Elmer was last swimming...
Elmer was swimming in the cold waters of the Northern Pacific. where it caresses the Northwest Coast of America: Oregon, Northern California; Salmon Country.

In addition to traveling with Elmer as he swims today, it is also possible to visit some of the other places in Elmer's world. One of these is the "Poodle Page"

Elmer has found some bits of paper, scraps of cardboard, and so on, with words scrawled upon them, sometimes pictures too...If you wish to indulge, then walk like an Egyptian to the "Poetry Page"

Here is a collection of several pieces of Short Fiction; stories that were previously located at Virtual Reef Gallery. Now here for your enjoyment. "The Fiction Page"

I would like to thank the folks at asis.com
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Without them it would not exist.
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"Elmer Swims" is copyright 1995, 1996, 1997 in it's entirety by Jan Marica, except where otherwise specified.

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who, additionally takes full responsibility for the contents of "Elmer Swims".

It's our fucking country, that's why!

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