Freddy flopped his flesh fish on the counter. " Funny," Fanny mused, " it fits in the flagon". She fingered his fixture while flexing her architecture. " One thing I know," says she, " is bowling, and balls." She was flamboyant in a floozy fashion and Freddy felt funny in her grip. " I think I'll put it away." He ventured. " It's not that I'm fastidious, I'm just not familiar with you yet; our friendship has yet to develop." Fanny fought back the tears and fears that Freddy'd inspired. Her whole framework was shattered; she had been sheltered, but now she began to shuffle and stutter; she shifted in her seat and offered him a teat. " Feel this Freddy. See how you like it; see what follows." Again she paused, then he placed his paws on her chest and his head in her lap. " I like the smell of things around here," he muttered from below," I think I'll stay a while." And Fanny felt a flow, an inner glow, " Oh Freddy, I knew I could count on you...One, Two, Three, Four...We'll be together forevermore." Freddy sighed, he'd tried; there seemed to be nothing left for it, but to go with the ride." I'm all yours Baby, " he lied. And so they sat, both slightly fried, watching the night push the daytime aside.