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Third Annual Marina Del Rey


Official Rules

Time Frame

The contest will be held over the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 1981. Starting time is 5PM on Friday, November 20th. Ending time is noon on Sunday, November 22nd, just before the barbeque.

Hunting Area

All kills must be made within the area bounded by Washington on the north, Lincoln on the east, Culver on the south, and the ocean on the west.

Roving observers will be placed throughout the area, and will patrol the boundaries.

Any contestant caught smuggling poodles into the area, dead or alive, will be disqualified.


Any projectile weapon is acceptable, however, since scoring is done on the basis of weight as well as nose counting, explosive shells are contraindicated.


Scoring is done on a point system as follows. The contestant with the greatest number of points at noon Sunday wins. Runner-up prizes will be given as deemed appropriate.

To claim points, the kill must be registered with the official scorekeepers stationed at the beach at the end of D Basin. Meathooks will be available for weekend rental, and kills will be displayed for public appreciation and comment.

Points are given as follows: 10 points per head (or nose if head is missing). 1 point per pound, up to 5 pounds. 5 point bonus if carcass can be used for barbeque. Score is doubled if pedigree can be proven.

A special judge will be in attendance for special cases. He will be the sole arbiter for all rules disputes, such as deciding if a kill is really a poodle. He will also award extra points for audacious or extra skillful kills.

To qualify for these extra points, the kill must be witnessed by a roving monitor, or a fair witness (available for rent), or by the harbor patrol. Since during the last two PS&B they were unable to assist due to the fact that somebody had stolen the propellors from their boats, the number of monitors has been doubled.

Extra skill kills can include picking the little buggers off when they are on the tower balconies near E Basin. Rigging ricochet shots may qualify for both extra points and a lawsuit.

Some of the highlights of last year's PS&B will make clear what is considered worthy of extra points:


  • Jim Katzenjammer scaled the west MCC tower, and using a mortar, scored twenty kills before he was thrown from the roof of the building by irate boat owners from D and E Basins. The extra points were awarded posthumously.
  • Ferdinand de la Taco pursued a dog-paddling poodle down the entire length of the main channel on a windsurf board before finally getting the kill with a slug-loaded, 12-gauge shotgun. The chase was a long one due to having to reload the gun and righting the sailboard after every shot.<
  • Using a stethoscope to locate targets by lisetening through hulls from underwater, Alexander Gonoff (son of the famous Russian composer Dimitri Gonoff) used scuba gear and an air-powered drill to hole the boat just below the waterline, and as the boat sank would use a spear gun to nail the escaping poodle.
  • We wish to stress that the sponsors are not responsible in any way for damage or death caused by any participants.

    We wish to stress that the sponsors are not responsible in any way for damage or death caused by any participant, and we are not liable in any way. (Waivers to this effect must be filed in order to be an official participant.)

    Hints And Tips

    Poodles (or puddles or piddles as they are sometimes called) are easy to recognise. They are extremely small, obnoxious dogs with a vicious temper and are extremely nervous. They are often ritually shorn to reesemble a pile of dingo balls with cancer.

    They are easy to track out of doors by following a trail of urine and feces that they continuously generate.

    Poodles are also easy to find when hidden on boats, since they are so nervous that if someone farts in a boat three ships away from the beast, he will be answered immediately with an angry yapyapyap which takes longer to subside than the wake of a supertanker in shallow water.

    Caution must be exercised when a poodle has been tracked to his lair. These sneaky, treacherous animals distract you with constant yammer when (or even before) you enter their den, and piss all over the floor while doing a wild series of acrobatics, hoping to skip, fall, and be knocked unconscious. This viper of a dog then proceeds to activities too gruesome to mention.

    Although not explicit in the rules, persons attempting to defend poodles during the contest are considered fair game.

    All kills entered for points become the property of the 3rd annual Poodle Shoot and Barbeque committee, and are used to provide the main course for the barbeque (BYOB).


    Since there are always more kills than can be used in the BBQ, the remainder will be sold to Mexican fast food restaurants in the area, and the proceeds used to defray mortuary and legal expenses incurred during the contest.

    The kill most embodying the spirit of the contest (as judged by a select panel of experts) will be bronzed and used as part of the 1st prize trophy. Second prize will be a set of almost new propellors, and third prize will be a year's supply of Mexican fast food.