This page is dedicated to the memory of Moon and Smiling Dog, two ne'er-do-wells who did not survive the Seventies. They always dreamed that one day they would make that big score that would enable them to retire from a life of crime and buy a Poodle Ranch in the distant reaches of Beverly Hills. They dreamed of settling down to a satisfying, useful life as Poodle ranchers; spending their waning years riding across the open greens in their trusty golf carts, with their rhinestone lariats twirling as they rounded up the little doggies. I spent many a late night hour, in their company, the flickering light of a television illuminating the room, as we talked and schemed and planned how things would be. The dream of the Poodle Ranch was all that sustained us in those desperate days, and without this vision of a rosy future to look forward to, we never would have made it as far as we did. Now that Moon and Smiling Dog are gone, I would like to dedicate this page to their memory. And also to the memory of all the Rickys out there who may or may not have shared in Moon and Smiling Dog's vision, but are also no longer with us.

What you see is just a beginning. We invite you to e-mail us your contributions to the Poodle Page. All images, fiction, poetry, and related trivia will be considered and, if used, the source acknowledged. You can see your contributions right here on the Poodle Page.

Poodle Stuff
"POODLE" Def., (1)A dog with thick curly hair. It's hair is sometimes cut in fancy ways.(2) The essence of fluff, all surface and no depth. a person who dedicates his life to uselessness, or appears to.

Special!!! This year's "Poodle Grande" award!!!!

A painting, "Lady and her Dog" by Robert Spotswood. The dog in this painting is only part Poodle, but a little bit of the essence of Poodle-as-a-concept, is captured here.
This is a story by Jan Marica about the casualness of violence in some people's lives. It is called " Murder is like a Poodle".
"Poodle Hunt and Barbecue!"A submission from a reader kind enough to send in this Poodle story from the newspaper.
If you are offended by ethnic humor do not select this link.
"Mr. Poodle" Steve Tainter- a man who personified the essence of Poodle.
JURASSIC POODLE-A movie treatment with a poodle twist. This is part of Earl's Museum of Conceptual Art, which is well worth checking out! Don't forget that this is a link to another site, so be sure and bookmark elmer before you leave.

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