Once I was looking through Moon's bag, searching for something, and I came across the following poem scrawled on a sheet of paper. I always thought it was written for Johnnie's wife, but who knows...
When You Went to Feed the Rabbits

I used to watch you in the morning
When you went to feed the rabbits.

I would stand in the bushes by your path,
Where you walked down through the woods
In your nightgown and rubber boots;
And dream of throwing you down
Onto the bright green grass
And making love to you
While your husband drove to work.

Later I would come to you in your cabin
Beg for coffee; get down on my knees
And plead with you to let me kiss your lips.
But the heat of my desire
Burned your fingers
And you pulled back your hand.

Finally, I took you home after a party
Drunk, nearly unconcious;
But morning found me alone
Oh! We spilled so much good wine that night.

The best was just watching you
When you went to feed the rabbits.