Damage, Theft and Loss Protection
Damage, Theft and Loss Protection does not cover:
  • Inherent product defect; normal wear and tear; damage or theft through normal course of play or consumption
  • Incidents arising from or caused by: theft from automobiles unless from a locked auto with visible marks of forced entry present and a police report has been filed; fraud; abuse; mysterious disappearance; consequential damage or loss, including bodily injury, property damage, punitive damages or the resulting attorney's fees and legal costs; war or hostilities of any kind; confiscation by order of any government, public authority or customs official; risks of contraband, illegal activity or acts; radioactive contamination; flood; earthquake
  • Cash or its equivalent; circulating currency; negotiable instruments; traveler's checks; passports, documents; tickets of any kind
  • Damage or theft of jewelry from baggage unless carried by hand and under the personal supervision of the member or member's traveling companion previously known to the Member
  • All type of aircraft, watercraft and motorized vehicles (and the parts thereof)
  • Animals; living plants; consumable items like golf balls
  • Real property; structural items intended for storage, transport, display or habitation
  • Items intended for commercial use