Eudora Mail Setup/Help Information For Macintosh

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Eudora Mail Setup
Server Information for Use with the Internet Service
Troubleshooting Section


Eudora Mail is a Macintosh and Windows (16 bit and 32 bit versions are available) based e-mail application. Please be advised that there are many different versions of Eudora Mail (all with a slightly different interface). The following guide was developed using Eudora 1.5.4 forMacintosh. There are also two different Eudora types:
1.Eudora Light (freeware version)
2.Eudora Pro (fully registered and supported version from Qualcomm)

Eudora Mail Setup

Note: This setup is for v1.5.4 and there are variations between versions.

1.Start Eudora Mail.

2.From the Menu Bar select Tools and then Options (if you are using older Eudora versions click Special then Settings) to get to Eudora setup menu.

3.On the left side click Getting Started and verify:
The POP Account field should be
Enter your name as would like listed in the Real Name field
Choose the option Mac TCP (Free PPP if available) if listed under the Connection Method.

4.On the left side click Personal Info and verify:
The POP Account and Real name fields should already be filled in.
The Return address should list your E-mail Address.
Leave fields for Dial-Up Username blank (this cannot be used).

5.On the left side click Hosts and verify:
The POP account should already be filled in.
Type your SMTP server name in the SMTP field.
The Ph and Finger servers should be left blank.

6.On the left side click Checking Mail and verify:
The POP account should already be filled in.
Leave mail on server should NOT be checked.
All other options here are preferences except the Authentication Style which should be Passwords.

7.All other settings in Eudora are preferences. There are many available options and features within Eudora that can be learned and used at your leisure. Make sure to use the Help feature in Eudora as a reference for any other questions/problems.

Server Information for Use with the Internet Service

User name: All lowercase - you must append @asis to your username to logon, thus: username@asis
Password: Your password is case sensitive, upper and lower case are different.
Email: your Email address is
Your incoming mail or POP server is
Your outgoing mail or SMTP server is

Your DNS servers are:
Secondary (for 943/923 numbers):
Secondary (for 56k numbers):

For access numbers throughout California, The United States, and parts of Canada please view our numbers page here.

Troubleshooting Section

1.The POP account in Eudora is defined as your POP Instead of having two separate fields, Eudora combines the two settings into one. Verify this setting is correct.

2.The Eudora dialer is a Unix Shell dialer and can not be used on our service as a dialer.

3.If you get the error "503 Need RCPT (recipient)" when sending mail it usually due to an incorrectly defined address book entry. Type the complete e-mail address within a new message and re-send the email.

4.It is best not to use the Change Password under Special. Click on Forget Password and then try and retrieve your mail and Eudora will prompt you for the password again.

5.If unable to send e-mail verify you have typed the full complete and correct e-mail address of the receipient and retry. Also verify you are dialed into our service as use of the SMTP server is limited to our service.

6.If unable to receive e-mail try having the helpdesk telnet into your mailbox to look for server errors.

7.For further problems you can:
Consult the help information within Eudora.
View the Eudora newsgroup for:
Windows: or a
Macintosh: comp.mail.eudora.mac
Upgrade to Eudora Pro (Qualcomm fully supports this version).