Internet Explorer 6 Setup

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer:

From the Menu, click Tools :

Click Internet Options:

From here you can set up MS Internet Explorer to suit your preferences.

Under the General tab, in the Home Page section, you can select the Start Page that Internet Explorer open every time you use it. You can choose from the three buttons :

Use Current will use the current address in the address window; or
Use Default will use the default homepage (which depends on the branding of the browser).
You can set your own by typing the url into the Address field provided, for instance
Use Blank will use a blank page.

Click on the Connection tab.

Make sure ASIS is selected in Dial-Up Settings (or whatever your ASIS connection is called).

Click Settings.

In the Username field enter your username.
In the Password field enter your password.

Keep clicking OK on all remaining option panels until they are all closed.
The setup is now complete and you are ready to browse the Internet.