Open Transport / PPP Setup

Open Transport / PPP is the new PPP modem dialer from Apple.

It comes as part of the Mac OS 7.6 and can be used with System Software 7.5.3 or higher.

It works alongside TCP/IP 1.1 so you need the field Connect Via set to PPP Server within TCP/IP.

To load OT/PPP, go to Apple > Control Panel > PPP

You will see the following window:

Enter your username and password

Enter the phone number.
In this example it is 707-555-5555. You will not connect with this Number!
See our Number Finder to Find the Number you need to Dial.
Check with the Operator to make sure the Number you intend to Dial is a Toll Free Call!

From the Toolbar, select Modem, TCP/IP , and Activity Log.

Go to PPP > Modem. You will see the following Dialog Box appear:

In the Connect Via box, choose the port you have your modem plugged in to, either Modem Port or Printer Port.

In the Modem box select the modem that fits or is the closest to the one that you have connected to your computer.

An incorrect selection could result in the modem not initialising properly or not at all.

If you are not sure about the type of modem that you are using, look at the modem, or contact the supplier where it was purchased.

When you have completed all the fields, click on the Close Box and you will go back to the inital PPP Dialog Box.

Select the Options button, the result will be the following screen appearing:

Check Connect automatically when staring TCP/IP applications
Check Use verbose logging
Check Flash icon in menu bar while connected
Check Disconnect if idle for (enter 30) minutes

Next, select the Protocols Tab.

Check Allow error correction and compression in modem
Check Use TCP header compression

Then click OK.
Click on the Close Box and you will be asked if you Want to Save Changes. Click Save.