Macintosh OS9

OS9 comes with the Internet Setup Assistant.

Running through this assistant will configure the connection to ASIS and also Internet Explorer 4.01 and Outlook Express which should come preinstalled with OS9.

To access the Internet Setup Assistant go to:-

apple : Internet Access : Internet Setup Assistant

Launching this triggers the following questions:

Would you like to set up your computer to access the Internet? select YES

Do you already have an Internet account? select YES

You will then be taken to an introduction screen which gives you a brief description of the information needed. In the bottom right hand corner is an arrow pointing to the right.

Select this to proceed. There is also an arrow pointing to the left, this can be used to go back at any stage.

On the next screen you are asked to name this configuration, and whether you will be using a modem or network to access the Internet.

The modem setup screen will be related to the specific machine. The defaults of:
Modem: Internal 56k and Port: Internet Modem should comply with most.
[Internet Setup Assistant]


Select No on the PPP Connection Scripts screen as a script is not needed to connect to ASIS.

Select No on the IP address screen unless the account has a static IP address associated with it.

Fill in the Domain Name Servers information as shown below.

[Internet Setup Assistant]


Now all the general connection information has been entered we move on to configuring the mail package:


[Internet Setup Assistant]

Click the right arrow to continue.


[Internet Setup Assistant]

On the Newsgroup Host Computer screen enter: as the NNTP host.

Next you will be asked if you wish to use proxy servers for Internet connection,

select NO.

You have now nearly reached the end of the Internet Setup Assistant. The right arrow will be greyed out and you will be given a Go Ahead button.

Clicking on Show Details will take you to a screen where you will be able to quickly check the main details.

[Internet Setup Assistant]


Clicking on Go Ahead will finish the configuration and the computer will attempt to contact ASIS, unless specified otherwise by deselecting the Connect when finished check box.

The Internet Access Apple menu will enable you to use the Internet.