1. Open the System Preferences folder from the Apple Menu.
2. Open the Network folder and configure as in the following.


In the Domain Name Servers dialog box enter the following:

3. Click PPP.


Under the Service provider section enter ASIS
In the telephone text box enter the ASIS telephone number you wish to connect to.
In this example it is 555-5555. You will not connect with this Number!
See our Number Finder to Find the Number you need to Dial.
Check with the Operator to make sure the Number you intend to Dial is a Toll Free Call!

In the Account name field enter your ASIS username

And finally, enter your password in the password field. If you do not wish to enter your password each time you log on, then tick the Remember password check box.

4. Click PPP Options.


Check the following check boxes, Under the Session options heading:

Connect automatically
Prompt to stay connected
Disconnect if idle

Under the Advanced options heading:
Use TCP header compression
Use verbose logging


5. Click Modem.


Check your preferred settings.

Click Save.

Once set up as above, you will be able to open the internet connection from any TCP application.