Netscape 4.7 setup

To setup mail click here.
To setup news click here.

After installing Netscape Communicator double click the Netscape icon or go to
> Programs > Netscape Communicator > Netscape Navigator.

Set up the profile.

Click Next.

Enter a profile name (Your name as you would like it Displayed to Others). Select a directory, or keep the default directory where Netscape is going to store the information.

Click Next.

If you have an older version of Netscape already installed you will see the above screen shot.
Choose which ever option suits your needs. Select the Default, Move my existing user files to the new profile directory.

Click Finish.

Netscape Navigator will then open.
Click Edit on the tool bar and then select Preferences.

In this section you set your homepage, the start page that loads each time you start Netscape.

Enter the URL of your favorite start/homepage, we suggest, in the text box provided.

Click on the cross to the left of Mail & Newsgroups from the lefthand side menu, this will show a submenu.

Select Identity.

Enter your name, as you would like it displayed to others.
Enter your e-mail address (ex: in the text box entitled Email address.

Now select Mail Servers from the lefthand menu.

Enter the mail server information.
Click the Add button in the top righthand corner to add a pop3 server.

In the text box marked Server name enter
In the drop down box select POP3 Server.
In the User Name field enter your ASIS username (ex: username).
Check the box to remember your password unless you wish to enter you password each time Netscape checks for mail.
If you wish Netscape to check for mail automatically, check the box marked Check for mail every and set the time.

Click OK.

In the Outgoing mail (smtp) server field enter
In the Outgoing mail server user name field enter your ASIS username (ex: username).
Select a directory where Netscape can store your mail, or leave it as the default setting.

Click Newsgroup Servers from the menu on the lefthand side.

Click the Add button in the top righthand corner to add a news server address.

In the server field enter
In the port field enter 119, although this is the default and will probably already be there.
Click OK twice to return to Netscape Navigator.