Mozilla & Netscape 6 and above setup

To setup Netscape 6 for mail and news follow these steps.
Mozilla is nearly the same.

To set up a new mail account you have to click on the mail/news icon in the lower lefthand corner of the browser. The icon looks like an envelope. Once you click this icon the news and mail window opens.

Click Edit on the toolbar which will open the following menu.

Select Mail & News Account Settings from the menu.

According to how you installed Netscape 6 there may already be data in the text boxes to the right of this dialogue box. However you will need to set up a new account.

Click New Account

The account wizard is now ready to collect the information required to set up a new mail account.

Make sure the radio button for ISP or email provider is selected.

Click Next.

In the name field enter your full name as you would like it to be displayed in all correspondences.
In the email address field enter your ASIS email address.

Click Next.

Next you need to enter the post server names.
In the Incoming server section, make sure the server type is set to Pop mail server.
The server name is
In the Outgoing (SMTP) server section enter in the server name field.

Click Next.

Enter your ASIS Username.

Click Next.

Now enter a friendly name for the account, it can be anything you like.
We've used

Click Next.

All the information has now been entered.

Click Finish.

Click Ok to return to the mail and news screen.

When composing a new mail and you have other accounts setup, you will need to choose the correct account to use from the drop down list in the from field.