Windows 98 Setup

You must have an ASIS Username and Password with you while setting up this connection.

Double-click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop.
Double-click on the CONTROL PANEL icon.

If you are on a LAN (Local Area Network), you should consult with your Network Administrator before going any further, as changing the numbers in this section could result in the loss of your LAN connectivity.

Double-click on the NETWORK icon within the Control Panel.

You need to have the following three network components installed:

(If there are any other components installed, you may safely ignore them)

1. Client For Microsoft Networks
2. Dial Up Adapter

If not, you will need to add them. Click on ADD.

To add Client for Microsoft Networking:

~Click ADD, click CLIENT, click ADD, click MICROSOFT in the left panel.
~Select Client for Microsoft Networking in the right panel then click OK.

To add Dial-up Adapter:

~Click ADD, click ADAPTER, click ADD, click MICROSOFT in the left panel
~Select Dial-up Adapter in the right panel then click OK.

To add TCP/IP:

~Click ADD, click PROTOCOL, click ADD, click MICROSOFT in the left panel Select TCP/IP in the right panel then click OK.

Once the required components are installed, click on the Identification tab and enter a different name in each of the three boxes as shown above.

Once you have completed this, click on the OK button.

You will be prompted to insert the Windows 98 media (CD), after which you will need to restart your computer when prompted.

Now you will need to Configure the Dial Up Networking connection.

Double-click on the MY COMPUTER icon on the desktop.
Double click on the DIAL UP NETWORKING icon.

The Connection Wizard should now start, click on NEXT.
If the Wizard does not start double-click on the MAKE NEW CONNECTION within the Dial Up Networking Window.

Name the computer that you are dialing ASIS.
Make sure the modem currently installed on your computer is selected..
Click on NEXT.

In this example it is 707-555-5555. You will not connect with this Number!
See our Number Finder to Find the Number you need to Dial.
Check with the Operator to make sure the Number you intend to Dial is a Toll Free Call!

Click NEXT and then click FINISH on the next screen.

Finally you need to edit the connection you have just created.

Within the Dial Up Networking window you will now see an icon called ASIS. Click with the right mouse button on this icon and select PROPERTIES from the menu that is displayed.

Put a check in the Use Area Code and Dialing Properties box, then click on the SERVER TYPE tab, you will then see a similar screen to the one below:

Check Enable Software Compression.
Check TCP/IP.
All the other boxes must be unchecked.
Click TCP/IP Settings.

Enable Server Assigned IP Address.

Enable Server Assigned Name Server Addresses..

Once this is completed, click on OK until you are back to the Dial Up Networking window.

You must now test the connection by dialing into ASIS.

Double-click on the ASIS icon.

The Connect box shown above will be displayed.

In the Username field enter your Username.

Type your Password into the Password field, remember this is case sensitive.

If you wish you can put a check in the Save Password box so you don't have to type it in every time. Click Connect and Windows 98 will connect to ASIS.