Windows 95/98 IE 5 Detailed Setup Wizard Information

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19 Steps To Getting Connected


The following help guide is designed to assist you with setting up an internet connection using the Internet Explorer 5 setup wizard. Most computer manufacturers use a similar wizard; however, if your setup wizard is too different, feel free to give us a call and we can walk you through setup.

Please note that Internet Explorer 5 is still in beta testing, and there may be some issues or bugs in the software. We cannot fully support Internet Explorer 5.

19 Steps To Getting Connected

Locate an icon on your desktop called Connect To The Internet. Double-click this icon.

On the welcome screen, choose "I want to set up my Internet connection manually, or I connect through a local area network." and click Next.

Pick "I connected through a phone line and a modem." Hit Next.

Enter the appropriate area code for your dialup number, and your local dialup number.

For access numbers throughout California, The United States, and parts of Canada please view our numbers page here.

Make sure you don't check "Dial using the area code and country code" and click Next.

Type in your username and password, all in lowercase, and click Advanced.

Leave all the settings at their defaults except the last entry. Change it to Primary DNS Server and enter these values:
Secondary (for 943/923 numbers):
Secondary (for 56k numbers):

Click OK then Next.

Type in ASIS for the connection name and click Next.

If you would like to get online immediately, check the "To begin browsing immediately..." checkbox and click Finish.

Once you're online, you'll want to set up your e-mail. Click the mail button on your toolbar and pick Read Mail. This will start the Outlook Express mail setup wizard.

Enter your name as you would like it to appear on outgoing e-mails. This is similar to how you would sign a letter; you can be formal or humorous. Click Next when done.

Enter your e-mail address and click Next.

Your incoming server is a POP3 server.

Incoming mail server is

Outgoing mail server is

Click Next when done.

Pick logon using POP account name (your user name) and password and click Next.

For the friendly name you can pick anything. Example: ASIS internet

Click Next when done.

To setup the internet news account, pick Yes then click Next.

Enter your name as you would like it to appear and click Next. (This field may already be filled out.)

Enter your e-mail address and click Next. (This field may already be filled out.)

Internet news or NNTP server is left blank. Make sure "My news server requires me to log on" box is unchecked and click Next.

On the internet directory service screen pick no and click Next and then click Finish.


The most common problem is that the computer will dial an area code even if not needed. To correct this, double-click My Computer and Dial-Up Networking. Then, click on the Demo ISP connection with the right mouse button and pick Properties with the left button. Then, uncheck "Use area code and dialing properties" and click OK. This will keep the computer from dialing the unneeded area code.

If you aren't getting a dial tone, make sure the phone line is plugged in, and make sure the cords are plugged into the right jacks.

You may also want to obtain the Windows 95 or 98 Setup Information and make sure all your network settings are correct.