Windows 95/98 Netscape 4.5 Detailed Account Setup Information

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17 Steps To Getting Connected


The following help guide is designed to assist you with setting up an internet connection using the Netscape 4.5 Account Setup tool. This is generally easy and painless to setup; however, if you aren't comfortable with using this guide, feel free to give us a call and we can walk you through setup.

17 Steps To Getting Connected

If you haven't already, download the Netscape 4.5 Software at

Double-click the Netscape icon to install the software. You will probably have to restart.

Click your Windows Start button, then point to Programs, then Netscape Communicator, and finally Netscape Account Setup.

Click "Start Account Setup" (you can always take the tour of Communicator later on).

Select a dialup number that you can call without a long distance charge and click Next.

For access numbers throughout California, The United States, and parts of Canada please view our numbers page here.

Read the info on your screen and click Next.

Enter your name and click Next.

The number you will be dialing for ASIS will show on-screen; you may want to write this down for future reference. Make sure the area code is in here, and that it is the same area code you are in, and click Next.

Enter your login name (user name), password, and your password again (in case you typed it in wrong the first time) and do NOT check the option for the TTY window, and click Next.

Your e-mail login and password should be the same as the ones you log in with - click Next.

Make sure your mail servers are set up as and your news server is and click Next.

Make sure your DNS servers are set up as
Secondary (for 943/923 numbers):
Secondary (for 56k numbers):
and click Next.

Pick your modem from the list shown (it should be already selected) and click Next.

Enter your phone number here, making sure that the area code is correct, and the same one you entered in step 8. Click Next.

You should be set up and ready to dial now. If you have any problems, double-check the information on this guide and give us a call if you need to.


The most common problem is that the computer will dial an area code even if not needed. To correct this, double-click My Computer and Dial-Up Networking. Then, click on your ASIS connection with the right mouse button and pick Properties with the left button. Then, uncheck "Use area code and dialing properties" and click OK. This will keep the computer from dialing the unneeded area code.

If you aren't getting a dial tone, make sure the phone line is plugged in, and make sure the cords are plugged into the right jacks.

You may also want to obtain the Windows 95 or 98 Setup Information and make sure all your network settings are correct.