Windows XP Existing Connections Setup

This is a guide for users to check their dial-up networking settings with Windows XP.

To get to the 'dial-up networking' folder, first Click on the "start" button then click on
 "control panel" then "network connections".

You should now have the 'Network connections' window open.
Find the Connection that you have made.

1.To access the settings of this connection, Right click on the connection icon with your Right hand Mouse-button.

Then select 'Properties' from the menu that drops down

2.You should now have the Properties window open.
  Make sure that your phone number is correct for your area

3.Click on the 'options" tab.
Make sure your settings match those shown above.

4.Click on the 'Security' tab.
Make sure that yo
ur settings match those shown above, and that 'interactive logon and scripting' is NOT checked.

5.Click on the 'Networking' tab.
Make sure that the "type of dial-up sever I am calling" is "PPP".

You should confirm that you have Internet protocol (TCP/IP) checked as well.
(if you cannot see this component in that section you will need to install it before you will be able to connect to the internet.)

Click on 'Internet Protocol' so it is highlighted. and then click on the 'properties' button.

6.Make sure that your settings match those shown above.
Click the 'Advanced' button.
This will bring up the Advanced tcp/ip settings window.

7.Ensure your settings match those in the above picture and click on the 'DNS' tab.

8.There shouldn
't be anything entered in either of the above boxes. Check that your settings match those in the diagram and click 'OK'.

Click on the 'Advanced' tab and make sure that the box is checked.

10. Click 'OK' to exit the Advanced settings window.
Click 'OK' to exit the tcp/ip settings window.
Then Click 'OK' one more time.