C.L. Heald

A Painting's Progress # 5

At this point I have returned the canvases back upright and have returned to working out various
areas of the painting. Changes are less visble the further along a painting gets. A 6"x 3" computer
image of a 16'x 8' painting fails to show you much of anything, other than a general idea.

But there are other pieces to this puzzle. Here are a couple.

First, let's take a trip to Seattle . In the studio of brother, Paul Heald, there is a painting in progress
with familiar elements. You might like to check his site out further while you are visiting.



Meanwhile, in Michigan, on Muskegon Lake, about a mile inland from Lake Michigan (near where 
I almost missed this lake freighter in the fog) there is a new building nearing completion. The
Lake Michigan Center,
Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute, Grand Valley State University


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