C.L. Heald

A Painting's Progress # 7

The painting part of the project is finished, but that's not all there is to it. First let me
Sierra, my lovely daughter and able assistant, without whom all this flipping
business would have been next to impossible. She got an early start in the studio, as you can see.

Then     1987
Now    2001


The next step is to remove the canvases from the stretchers. After laying the canvas face down, the
staples are pulled and the strechers are lifted. During this process we disturbed a bat who had taken up
residence behind one of the corner braces. It circled us a few times, and crawled behind another picture.

We trim excess canvas, seal the cut edges with acrylic medium, and prepare to roll the first canvas.

One canvas rolled and the second has been removed.

The whole works is now rolled, wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap, and has since been inserted 
in a section of  6" diameter PVC sewer pipe, ready for shipping to Seattle, where it will be restretched
on it's permanent supports, currently being built. I crash and Sierra catches me being infused with
devine inspiration (or at least it looks that way).

The next pages will cover the rest of the story, but will take a while coming. Stay tuned.....c/h'  9/22/01


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