Works on Paper

Charles L. Heald



281p. Blue Slide Tasting Time II, 1990, 39x30, a/p

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288p. Untitled Exhibitionist
1990, 18x24, a/p

287p. Interior with Seven Candles

1990, 30x39, a/p

286p. High Desert tasting Time
1990, 30x39, a/p

285p. Still Life with Black Vase
1990, 30x39, a/p

283p. Interior with Roses
1990, 30x39, a/p

281p. Blue Slide , Tasting Time II
1990,39x30, a/p

280p. Blue Slide , Tasting Time
1990, 30x39, a/p

279p. Blue Slide, Tea Time II 1990, 30x39, a/p

278p. Painting Lesson
1989-90, 19x27, a/p

277p. Poet's Window
1990, 39x30, a/p

269p. Untitled
1989, 30x39, a/p

268p. Absaroka Squalls
1989, 30x39, a/p

261p. Montana Homestead
1988, 30x39, a/p

255p. Barn Yard
1988, 30x39, a/p

234p. Aspen Autumn
1986, 30x39, a/p

168p. Bad Lands, South Dakota II
1984, 39x30, a/p

166p. Badlands, South Dakota
1984, 30x39, a/p

Most of these paintings have never been seen, due to never having a place to show them. All are on 100% cotton paper. Usually Arches 150# cold pressed. I'm only able to show the larger pieces due to the limitations of my camera.