Drug Policy and Legal Reform Sites

Many of these sites contain links to more similar websites. They also frequently have services which will e-mail you news updates. Take an hour or two and really explore them and I think you'll find access to all the information you want.

Human Rights and the Drug War   will take you to the Human Rights 95 site. Good information on drug war atrocities, POW stories.

Drug Reform Coordinating Network, a good source for current information.

The Media Awareness Project is, among other things, a good daily clipping service for drug policy related news and views.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums are fighting for reform of the Federal Sentencing laws.

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights - it's true. And these good people are fighting for us all.

The Marijuana Policy Project, at the front line attempting to get the government to reform.

NORML - the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

This drug policy library is the largest on-line research library for drug policy. Astounding stuff, and a lot of it.

The November Coalition is fighting for the safety and return of our Drug War POWs.

The National Drug Strategy Network - that's what it is. Check it out.

The North American Syringe Exchange: needle exchanges for injection drug users. A vital public health program which is illegal in many states.

The Lindesmith Center is thought by many to be the intellectual center of the drug policy reform movement.

The Drug Policy Foundation is one of the oldest and largest reform organizations. It's national conventions are networking heaven.

Legalize! - lets see now, what do these folks want to do?

Drug Peace - the answer to the Drug War.

I want to thank whoever got most of these sites together and mailed me hard copy. I only wish I could remember who you were.  Send more.

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