Hiker's Guide

This is a little book that Mary Alice and I did for her Grandmother, Alice Upton, in 1980.

I wrote it and Mary Alice typed it out in large type so her Grandmother could read it, and then illustrated it with some watercolors. We found it recently, and I was struck by how nice it looked with the illustrations. I hope it translates to the web well. If you would like to see it in the original proportions set your window to be as wide as this line



Grotto Canyon has always been a canyon of mystery to me.

Sometimes, early in the morning, standing at the mouth of the canyon next to my car, on the brink of a day's hiking, I look up at the seemingly endless series of ridges stretching up and back, higher and higher, one after another, and it seems that I could walk into this canyon and never come back. There would always be one more falls to climb, one more valley to see, one more rock formation to puzzle out, and one more narrows to hike.

On a hazy morning Grotto Canyon has that look you see in photos of the Grand Canyon or the Andes: the look of the wilderness, of unexplored and unknown territory. After each trip I feel that I've broken through to a new and profound level of comprehension of the canyon; and yet after each trip I'm filled with plans to go back and explore one more section, to examine that one thing which I've always rushed past. I may never finish with Grotto Canyon.

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