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I'm having a great time on the net and putting a lot of stuff up for viewing. This home page is really just a way to hold it all together. I hope you enjoy exploring it.

Campaign sketch: 1992           Photo at demo: 1996

More recently I'm begining to find my past on the net. "The truth is all around me but it's just beyond my grasp". Well if I can't grasp it, perhaps I can link to it.

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    13. Hiker's Guide to Grotto Canyon Written by me and illustrated by Mary Alice. Nice watercolors.

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  4.  I live in a town so small that it didn't have a website until recently. Nestled in the coastal mountains of Northern California the town has about 100 residents, many washed up by the last wave of logging and left like driftwood when the wave receeded. Still we are not without our pleasures, interests, and glories, a few of whom listed here.

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Photo of ED Saving the Headwaters Forest

ED saving the forest, Sept 15, 1996 at Carlotta, California.

Here I am doing my bit to save the forest by directing traffic at a rally where thousands met and marched to the Fisher Gateway to the Maxxam dominions to protest logging the ancient redwoods. There 1033 people were arrested for a symbolic trespass. I was number 1033. By the time they got past about number 850 the police had run out of handcuffs, so they were making symbolic arrests.

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Our house under construction c. 1915. Apparently a crew came throught the area building houses like this. We're told that 4 or 5 were built within a 20 mile radius. I've not seen any of the others and don't know if they still exist. Note that the mountain in the background (Pratt Mountain) is largely deforested. It still is.

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Public Appearances & Events

Regular Media
  1. Don't Get Trouble On Your Mind . Saturday morning from 9:30-11:30 AM on KMUD Garberville/ KMUE -Eureka playing folk music recordings. Mostly mountian music and bluegrass, blues, topical. You won't hear most of this music anywhere else. I don't know why that is. I began broadcasting locally in May 1983 on the now extinct KERG.



    TRO-THE RIGHTS ORGANIZATION HOUR. This show replaced Supe Talk, see below, while Supervisor Rodoni has scheduling conflicts which prevent him from using the time slot. Our first airing was Sep 17, 1998. We are now on the 4th Thursday of each Month at 7pm.

        Among the people who have been my guests on this show from time to time: (Usually by telephone).

       Bill Simpich, attorney filing a class action suit against the CIA and the DoJ for their role in the crack cocaine epidemic.
       Spring Lundberg and Noel Tendick - plaintiffs in the Pepperspray suit against Humboldt County law enforcement.

    Supe Talk * I hosted a call-in show on KMUD/KMUE with Humboldt County 2nd District Supervisor Roger Rodoni the 3rd Thursday of each month. I ran against Roger (and 6 others) in the 1992 primary, which I lost, and supported him in the '92 runoff, which he lost, and the 1996 campaign which he won. Our district is sharply divided between the New Settlers who moved into the logged off cheap land in Southern Humboldt in the past 20 years and the older population of fundamentalist Christians and loggers who live in the larger towns in the Northern end of the district (Fortuna, Scotia, Rio Dell) and work, mostly, for Pacific Lumber in Scotia. Roger is a cattle rancher who grew up in those towns. He leases land from PL which makes him suspect in environmental eyes; but he likes Reggae on the River and seems either liberal or libertarian on many social issues, which gives him credibility with the hippies. Now what? Tune in and hear. The station is on the world wide web.

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Appearances and Events Which are not on a Regular Schedule

May 29, 1999. Internet.  I learned that I passed the Feb. Bar exam. For some commentary on it see my lawstudy page.

May 18, 1999 Garberville, California. My description of the Million Marijuana March, which occured May Day in SF, ran in the Independent. I have asked the editor to correct the description of me as an attorney, since I am not one yet. The march was really quite a bit of fun.

Mar 23, 1999. Eureka, California.  I began assisting in the tutoring of a group of environmental activists who are apprenticing to be lawyers, while continuing to review in case I failed the Feb Bar exam.

Feb 23-25, 1999 South San Francisco, California.  I took the Bar Exam.

Jan 28, 1999.  Graduated from William Howard Taft University's law school. I am now a Juris Doctor.

Jan 18-19, 1999 Redway, California.  I helped set up, and testified at, the Greensweep Hearings.  These hearings gathered public comment on the government's manual for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) law enforcement to use when setting up marijuana raids in Northern California, to ensure the raids conform to environmental law. The handbook is being complied and released as part of a settlement of a lawsuit arising from the 1990 US Army invasion of Humboldt County to do marijuana raids. That invasion was called Operation Greensweep, and we maintained that it was unlawful. Since we settled there will not be a court determination on that issue but if we have clearly established that law enforcement must follow environmental law then the suit succeeded.


Dec 6, 1998 Redway, California. A guest appearance on Dan Fortson's talk show concerning the Pepper Spray trial with sprayees Spring Lundberg and Noel.  Great show, Dan is a well organized host and Spring and Noel continue to be quite articulate in their discussions of the issues. I suggested that the police are simply out of touch with the beliefs and values of our half of the community, which makes them act like agents for the other half - in this case the timber barons. I also suggested that corporate property is not the same thing as private property. Pretty radical, huh?

Dec 4, 1998 Redway, California. I spoke at the premiere of "Fire in the Eye" , a video about the Pepper Spray incidents. I discussed US v Neill (9th cir 1998) in which the appeals court seems to have taken the position that pepper spray is a dangerous weapon because it causes extreme pain and can cause lasting physical injuries. That finding seems to make it torture to use it on a non-aggressive person to gain compliance with your wishes. If so no reasonable police officer could do it. I also bemoaned the enthuiasm with which the officers had taken to using this form of torture, and their ingenunity in finding ways to make it hurt worse.

Nov 9, 1998. Redway, California. I spoke at the Hemp Festival concerning the implementation of Prop 215 (Medical Marijuana) in Humboldt County so far, and in the future. With a newly elected Democratic Gov and Atty General (first Democrats in 16 years in these positions) I was guardly optomistic. Dennis Peron was ebulant.

Sep 24, 1998 Eureka, California. I spoke at a rally in memoriam of environmentalist David "Gypsy" Chain, killed one week earlier by a falling tree on PL's Grizzly Creek THP. I spoke of what it would be like to live in an area where we had the rule of law: no loggers assaulting activists, no police inflicting gratutious pain on activists, regulatory agencies that actually regulated the timber industry: impossible dreams like that. I called for a coroner's inquest about the death of David Chain, as many in the community including me have little belief that the same Sheriff who thinks torture of activists is ok can recognize that a logger assaulting the activists by felling trees in their direction has committed a crime.

Sep 11, 1998 Blue Lake, California I spoke to the North Coast Chapter of the ACLU about the background and implications of the pepper spray case, with an emphasis on the fact that Sheriff Lewis's use of pepperspray turned its purpose from distracting a violent and crazed person to deliberately inflicting pain on non-violent people. In my opinion this is torture.

Aug 27, 1998 Alderpoint, California. I was interviewed twice by Beth Bosk for her KMFB show (see June 27) concerning the Pepperspray trial. I don't think anything ever came of it.

Aug 10 - 25, 1998 San Francisco, California. I attended the Pepper Spray Trial (Headwaters Defenders vs County of Humbolt) in Federal Court in San Francsico. There was a mistrial when the jury deadlocked 4-4 in the first 6 hours of deliberations. I did daily news reports to KMUD in Humboldt county, and KZYX in Mendocino County as well as briefings to other media.  I was a guest on "Green Waves" on KZSC, and "The Environment Show" on KMUD.

June 27, 1998  Benbow, California. Interviewed by Beth Bosk for her show on KMFB. We discussed the 1998 Raid Watcher's Guide which I just published incorporating the latest environmental restrictions on helicopter and ground troop use in marijuana raids.

 June 23, 1998 Eureka, California. I spoke to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors urging them to accept the pepper spray victims offer to settle the civil suit against the county if the county would : 1 - say it was sorry, 2- Stop the cops from using chemicals on non-violent protestors again 3- Make the cops take 8 hours of non-violence training, and 4- pay the lawyer fees and costs to date. As an aspiring lawyer I especially support point 4. I suggested the settlement was theirs to decide about (never fear your lawyer), it would save the county big bucks, and was the right thing to do. I bet they don't do it.

 June 16, 1998 Eureka, California. I spoke to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors asking them to reject the 98/99 extension of the Marijuana Eradication Grant. The vote was 3-2 in favor of accepting it, but this year for the first time there was some good discussion amongst the Supervisors prior to taking the vote. There was no indication that the Board understood its responsibilities under CEQA.

 June 2, 1998 Eureka, California. I spoke briefly to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and expressed my appreciation for County Counsel's strong statement that the Board was the lead agency for CEQA purposes when it comes to the Marijuana Eradication Grant. I always thought so, and Judge Neville was convinced also. Now that we know who we are, as the poet said, what do we want to do? I expressed a wish for an adequate CEQA process when this year's grant application is considered by the Board.

April 27, 1998 Eureka, California. I gave a presentation on the philatelic aspects of Swedish Ocean Liners from 1928-1974 (when the voyages seem to have ended) to the Humboldt Collectors Club. I discussed what life aboard ship was like as reflected in the correspondence.

 April 18, 1998 Garberville/Redway, California. I hosted a candidates forum broadcast on KMUD for 90 minutes featuring the three candidates running for an open Judgeship in Humboldt county, and Gary Holder who is running for Sheriff. Incumbent Sheriff Lewis did not return calls or respond to an in person invitation to take part.

 April 14, 1998 Eureka, California. I spoke at a Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting suggesting that they turn down a DEA grant of $45,000 for supplementing the marijuana eradication program. I suggested the program was in violation of California law, the FAA regulations, and the constitutions of California and the US; and that county residents would prefer more money be available for 911 service, burglary investigation and foot patrols of smaller towns. The Board voted 5-0 to accept the grant.

 March 20, 1998  Stafford, California at a rally honoring Julia Butterfly's 100th day of sitting in an ancient redwood tree on the mountain overlooking the rally site. So long as she sits in it the tree cannot be logged. I spoke on non-violence as personified by Julia, and said we should teach our children that the acts of people such as Julia show that we still live in the age of heroes, and that they too can become heroes. The crowd felt a better term was "shero", so we adopted that nomenclature. I also coordinated the peacekeepers for the rally.

March 19, 1998 I did an "All Sides Now" commentary on KMUD giving reasons for people to attend the July Butterfly rally on March 20.

March, 1998 . Article. I published a piece on non-violence in the Earth First! Journal. Its a response to a companion piece by "Spike" critiquing non-violence and EF!'s implementation of it in the Headwaters Campaign. In the article I maintain that the non-violence of the police pepperspray victims has achieved much more than any act of violence could.

 Feb, 1998 Fortuna, Ca. I was on a panel speaking to the Police Academy at College of the Redwoods about Citizen Review Boards. I suggested that society gives them the tool of violence so that we can avoid using it, and that the tool is dangerous and requires careful supervision of its use. The police culture suggests an outside civilian review board to carry out this function. There was vigorous disagreement from the students. It was very interesting speaking to people studying to be police & I hope to do it again.

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 Nov 13, 1997 Redway, Ca: CLMP annual meeting in the evening. As President I spoke of the progress the organization has made on its projects during the year.

 Nov 13, 1997 Eureka, Ca: I spoke at a rally at Representative Frank Riggs office protesting torture of environmentalists, and Riggs untruths about the incident. I called upon the deputies involved and their supervisors to repent. I don't know if that's the right word.

 Nov 8, 1997 Redway, Ca. I spoke at the Hempfest about the Prop 215 Implementation Committee.

Nov 7, 1997 Garberville, Ca. I spoke at a meeting of medical people about the Humboldt County Prop 215 Implementation Committee's progress.

Nov 4, 1997. San Francisco, Ca. I spoke at a Rally in Support of Headwaters Activists who had pepperspray smeared into their eyes by Humboldt County Sheriff's deputies, at the Federal Building just after the judge hear preliminaries in the suit to enjoin the Sheriff from doing it again.

Oct 23, 1997 Eureka, Ca. First meeting of the Proposition 215 Implementation Committee, an advisory group to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. I am a member representing civil liberties issues.

October 15-18, 1997 New Orleans, La. Drug Policy Foundation Annual Meeting. I was part of a panel on militarization of law enforcement. I talked about Operation Greensweep.

Oct 6, 1997 Eureka, Ca. I was unable to attend the March of the Giant Puppets rally for Headwaters, but Mary Alice went and read my remarks.

Oct 1997 Eureka, California. I exhibited a one-frame presentation of covers from the Swedish Ocean Liners with emphasis on postmarks.

Sep 20, 1997 Redway, California. Civil Liberties Monitoring Project annual benefit at the Mateel Center. Spoke briefly, was MC. Raised a lot of money.

Sep 14, 1997 Carlotta California - Rally for the Headwaters Forest. Mainly I directed traffic. They also serve who park and unpark.

Sep 11, 1997 Stafford, Ca: Helped give a non-violence preparation to activists.

Sep 9, 1997 Eureka, Ca. Spoke to the Supervisors about the "progress" of the negotiations.

Sep 8, 1997. Eureka, Ca. attended a second meeting between organizers and the police. Some progress but still a basic disaster.

 Aug 28, 1997  Eureka, Ca. Attended a meeting between rally organizers for the Sep 14 Headwaters rally, peacekeepers and monitors for the rally, and local law enforcment, supervisors etc. A disaster due to the California Highway Patrol's hard line.

 Aug 1997 Published a letter in Linn's Stamp News berating critics of the Breast Cancer semi-postal stamp who proported to speak for all collectors.

April 1997 San Diego, California. I was a presenter at the Needle Exchange Conference. I discussed community organizing, and dealing with police harassment. Also presenting: Kevin Zeese, Mikki Bach, Dan Abrahamson. Great panel.

 March 1997:  Eugene Oregon  I was a presenter at the Public Interest Law Environmental Conference  Mar 13-16. I was on the panel "Legal Issues Pertaining to a Green Future". I discussed the legal situation of hemp, pot, ganja, and medical marijuana.

Feb 1997: Started hosting a monthly KMUD show with 2nd District Supervisor Roger Rodoni. Its the 3rd Thursday at 7pm.

 *I was scheduled to attend peacetalks between the Humboldt County police and local citizens, but the police found that they were too busy and canceled the meeting at the last minute.

 *Published a letter in the Life and Times commending and defending the Cub Reporter newspaper at South Fork High School. The students do a great job.

 Jan 1997: Carlotta, Ca. Coordinated non-violence presentation and peacekeeping monitoring at the 26 Jan Demonstration and tree-plant-in at Carlotta. Purpose: to honor the Jewish Festival of the Trees, and soften Charles Hurwitz's heart. Perhaps 300 people gathered for a Seder in Pamplin Grove and a prayer service at the Fisher Gate. About 100 people planted 25 redwoods on land between the PL haul road and Yaeger creek as a symbolic start to restoring the Headwaters. No police and no problems.

 Jan 1997: Mendocino, Ca. Did a two hour show on KMFB with Beth Bosk celebrating Martin Luther King Day, and current events in the struggle for individual freedom in America. We talked quite a bit about LP giving Beth & friends the Enchanted Meadow to settle their Slap Back Suit. For more information about the important non-violent action which was at the root of this matter see Beth's magazine: "The New Settler Interview"

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 Dec 1996: Circulated an "Open letter to Law Enforcement" about their stated desire "not to become the enemy" and their self-destructive behavior in Humboldt County during the 60 days following the Sept 15 Carlotta Rally. The letter was reprinted in the Human Rights Monitoring Project Newsletter.

 Nov? 1996. Spoke at the Garberville-Redway Soroptomists on the failure of local law enforcement to provide protection to citizens.

 September 15, 1996: Coordinated the peacekeepers for the Headwaters Rally at Carlotta, California. I spoke briefly about non-violence and led the crowd in chanting the Non-Violence Code. Thousands attended, and 1033 were arrested for civil disobedience.

 --- earlier in September: I worked with members of the Non-violence Collective to give non-violence preparation to people planning to attend the Headwaters Rally.

 ---I attended meetings between rally organizers, Pacific Lumber, and local law enforcement agencies to try and work out the locale of the rally and the procedure for civil disobedience arrests.

 September 1996: Oakland, Ca. Harm Reduction Conference. I made a presentation called "Who's Watching the Man...." concerning community monitoring of police and other government behavior. I participated in a panel discussion on similar topics.

 Summer 1996. Garberville, Ca. Spoke at the Community Meeting on Lack of Law Enforcement held in Garberville with Humboldt County Sheriff Dennis Lewis. I discussed civil rights violations by marijuana enforcement.

 In May 1966 I spoke before the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors concerning errors and misrepresentations in the Humboldt County Sheriff's Application for a Grant to continue the marijuana wars.

April 1966: I testified in Federal Court as an expert witness concerning the lack of violence connected with marijuana cultivation in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties.

April 1996: The article "into the emerald triangle" (sic), starting at page 44 in the April '96 High Times includes information from an extensive interview with Ron Sinoway and me regarding CAMP. It is reasonably accurate, although a few details became confused. The article makes a nice quick summary of our 13 year stuggle for just enforcement of the law in the Mateel.
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Dates and years below this point are approximate.


May 13? My folk and blues radio show, "Don't Get Trouble On Your Mind" first airs on KERG, Garberville. It has remained on the air more or less continually since then, usually weekly except for a period when KERG was off the air and KMUD had not yet come on. I went monthly to KHSU in Arcata to broadcast in that period.


Sept 1, 1980. Alderpoint, California. Mary Alice and I moved into our new home, where we still live.

Summer 1980, Grand Canyon, Colorado. Mary Alice and I spent a month hiking and rafting in the Grand Canyon. We went down the canyon on a private trip with Bill McGinnis of  Whitewater Voyages . There were 6 of us at the start, and 4 at the end. I ran all the rapids except Crystal in a one-person inflatable, and took 1500 slides.


Death Valley, California. I hike there often.

Sierra Nevada Mountain Rivers: I take many whitewater rafting trips and become a guide for Bill McGinnis. On one trip I meet Mary-Alice, who is now my wife.

Oakland, California. Stefan Grossman brings some master tapes over and we start Kicking Mule Records. (c 1972)


Berkeley, California. I managed musicians including Country Joe and the Fish and the Joy of Cooking. I operate Takoma records, start Rag Baby (with Joe), fail to graduate from UC Berkeley due to a technicality, and join the anti-war movement.


Berkeley California, Annapolis, Maryland: I become a road manager for Mississippi John Hurt.

Berkeley California. John Fahey rediscovered Bukka White, who moved to California where John and I managed his career.

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