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Note as to version of these Ordinances

Rev. 4/1/78

table of contents
Division 1 - General Provisions

Chapter 1 - Definitions
Chapter 2 - Rules of Construction

table of contents
Division 1 - Board of Supervisors

Chapter 1 - Regular meetings of the Board of Supervisors
Chapter 2 - Supervisorial Districts
Chapter 3 - Compensation

Division 2 - Boards, Commissions and Committees

Chapter 1 - Humboldt County Forestry Committee
Chapter 2 - Humboldt County Parks and Recreation Commission
Chapter 3 - Humboldt County Tourism Development Advisory Board
Chapter 4 - Humboldt County Fish and Game Advisory Committee
Chapter 5 - Humboldt County Animal Control Advisory Committee
Chapter 6 - Humboldt County Delinquency Prevention Commission
Chapter 7 - The Commission on the Status of Women of the County of Humboldt
Chapter 8 - Humboldt County Commission on Human Rights
Chapter 9 - Humboldt County Citizens' Welfare Advisory Commission
Chapter 10 - Emergency Organization and Functions of Humboldt County Disaster Council
Chapter 11 - Humboldt County Historical Records' Commission

Division 3 - Districts
table of contents
Chapter 1 - Boundaries of Judicial Districts and Locations of Justice courts

Division 4 - County Departments and Offices

Chapter 1 - Department of County Administrative Officer of Humboldt County
Chapter 2 - Consolidation of the Offices of Public Administrator and Coroner of Humboldt County
Chapter 3 - Separation of the Offices of Auditor and Recorder of Humboldt County
Chapter 4 - Consolidation of the Offices of Tax Collector and Treasurer of Humboldt County

Chapter 5 - The Department of Purchasing and the Office of Purchasing Agent of Humboldt County
Chapter 6 - The Department of Public Works and the Office of the Director of Public Works of Humboldt County
Chapter 7 - The Building Department of Humboldt County
Chapter 8 - The Department of Buildings and Grounds of Humboldt County
Chapter 9 - The Department of Agriculture of Humboldt County
Chapter 10 - The Office of Public Defender of Humboldt County
Chapter 11 - The Office of Public Guardian of Humboldt County
Chapter 12 - The Department of Public Welfare of Humboldt County
Chapter 13 - County Employment and Training Assistance Department and Office of Director
Chapter 14 - Office of Director of the Humboldt Medical Center - Hoopa

Division 5 - Officers and Employees

Chapter 1 - Limited Civil Service System for Employees of the County of Humboldt
Chapter 2 - Requirements of a Physical Examination of Certain Applicants for County Employment
Chapter 3 - County Adherence to Standards Established by Commission on Peace officer Standards and Training for Recruitment and Training of Peace Officers
Chapter 4 - Travel Expenses
Chapter 5 - Retirement System

Division 6 - Buildings and Property

Chapter 1 - Regulation of Parking in the Basement of the Humboldt County Courthouse and in County Parking Lots
Chapter 2 - Regulation of the Use of the County Courthouse for Meetings
Chapter 3 - Prohibition of the Removal of Logs, Trees, Lumber and Other Merchantable Forest Products from County Beaches
Chapter 4 - Prohibition of the Discharge of Firearms On, Into or Across County Property
Chapter 5 - The Regulation of Vehicular Traffic on Airports Owned or operated by the County of Humboldt

Division 7 - County Facilities

Chapter 1 - Regulation of Conduct in the County Park System
Chapter 2 - juvenile Hall school
Chapter 3 - County Jail School
Chapter 4 - Humboldt County Law Library and Law Library Fund
Chapter 5 - Humboldt medical Center - Hoopa

Division 8 Sales

Chapter 1 - Provisions for the Disposal of Unclaimed Property by the Sheriff

table of contents
(Divisions 1-7 not copied)

Division 8 - Environmental Protection Chapter 1 - Enforcement Provisions


Division 1 - Protection and Control of County Roads
table of contents
Chapter 1 - Encroachment Permit Regulations for the Protection of County Highways
Chapter 2 - Closure or Restriction of County Highways and Roads for Celebrations, Parades and Local Special Events
Chapter 3 - Prohibition of Protuberances on Tires and Tracks of Vehicles Used on County Highways
Chapter 4 - Length and Width Restrictions
Chapter 5 - Private Roads Held Open for Public Purposes

Division 2 -Traffic and Safety Rules

Chapter 1 - Boulevard Stops
Chapter 2 - Speed Limits

Division 3 - Parking zones, Bus zones and Weight Limits

Chapter 1 - Parking Zones
Chapter 2 - Bus loading Zones
Chapter 3 - Weight Limits
Chapter 4 - Use Restrictions on County Roads and Bridges

Division 4 - Street and Highway Planning

Chapter 1 - Streets and Highways Plan
Chapter 2 - Street Names and Building Numbers

table of contents
Division 1 - Food Processing and Establishments

Chapter 1 - Permits for Food Establishments
Chapter 2 - Regulation of the Sale of Dairy Products

Division 2 - Garbage

Chapter 1 - Regulation of the Keeping, Collection and Disposal of Garbage
Chapter 2 - Littering
Chapter 3 - Regulation of the Use of County Dumps

Division 3 - Pollution


Division 4 -Plants and Animals

Chapter 1 - Regulating and Licensing Dogs
Chapter 2 - Compulsory Rabies Vacc ination
Chapter 3 - Prohibiting Abuse of Trained Police Dogs
Chapter 4 - Enforcement

Division 5 - Emergency Medical Services System

Chapter 1 - Establishment of Emergency Medical Services System and Regulation of Ambulance Service

table of contents
Division 1 - Sewage Disposal

Chapter 1 - General Requirements
Chapter 2 - Regulations and Administration
Chapter 3 - Prohibitions
Chapter 4 - Moratoria

Division 2 - Sewage and Cesspool Cleaning

Chapter 1 - Regulation of the Business of Cleaning Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Privies and Vaults

Division 3 - Wells

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Definitions
Chapter 2 - Permit Procedure
Chapter 3 - Standards and Enforcement

Division 4 Water Pollution

Chapter 1 - Pollution of Rivers and Stream

Division 5 - Regulation of sewage in County Service Area No. 3

Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 2 - Use of Public Severs Required
Chapter 3 - Building Sewers, Lateral Severs and Connections
Chapter 4 - Public Sewer Construction
Chapter 5 - Main Line Extensions
Chapter 6 - Regulation of the Use of Public Sewers
Chapter 7 - Permits and Fees
Chapter 8 - Service Charges
Chapter 9 - Enforcement

Division 6 - Water Distribution System for Improvement Area No. 1 of County Service Area-No. 3 (King Salmon)
table of contents
Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 2 - Application for Regular Water Service
Chapter 3 - Main Line Extension
Chapter 4 - Subdivisions
Chapter 5 - Public and Private Fire Protection Service
Chapter 6 - Temporary Service
Chapter 7 - General Use Regulation
Chapter 8 - Meters
Chapter 9 - Billing and Discontinuance of Service
Chapter 10 - Fee Rate Schedule

table of contents
Division 1 - Revenue and Taxation

Chapter 1 - Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 2 - Transient Room Tax
Chapter 3 - Documentary Transfer Tax

Division 2 -Finance

Chapter 1 - Accumulative Capital Outlay Fund
Chapter 2 - Loss of Warrants

Division 3 - Regulation of Bidding on Public Projects

Chapter 1 - Providing Regulations for Bidding on Public Projects

table of contents
Division 1 - Business Licenses
index only right now - no ordinance texts)

Chapter 1 - Business Licenses
Chapter 2 - Regulation of Reduction Plants
Chapter 3 - Regulation of Wood Products
Chapter 4 - Regulation of Peddlers
Chapter 5 - Regulation of Junk Dealers
Chapter 6 - Licensing of Astrologers, Fortune Tellers and Spiritualists

Division 2 - Registration Fees

Chapter 1 - Registration Fee for Agricultural Pest Control Advisors

Division 3 - Gas and Electrical Franchises

Chapter 1 - Franchises

table of contents
Division 1 - Public order

Chapter 1 - Bingo Games for Charitable Purposes
Chapter 2 - Public Dances
Chapter 3 - Public Card Rooms

Division 2 - Offenses By or Against Minors

Chapter 1 - Minor's Curfew

Division 3 - Programs Benefiting the County

Chapter 1 - Work Furlough Program
Chapter 2 - Working Prisoners

Division 4 - Protection of Public and Private Property

Chapter 1 - Prohibition of use of Motorized Boats on National Forest Lands
Chapter 2 - Protection of Plants

Division 5 - Fire Safety

Chapter 1 - Prevention and Control of Fire

Chapter 2 - Restriction of the Sale or Use of Vaporizing Liquid Type Fire Extinguishers

Division 6 - Consumer Protection



table of contents



Pursuant to the provisions of Section 21101 of the Vehicle Code of the State of California, the Director of Public Works is hereby authorized to temporarily close or restrict any portion of any of the County highways or roads located within the County for celebrations, parades, local special events, and other purposes in accordance with the policies and guidelines set forth in Section 412-2 of this chapter. (Ord. 978 § 1, 4/9/74)


(a) The Director of Public Works is authorized to close or restrict any portion of any County road or highway as set forth in Section 412-1 above when, in his opinion, such closing is necessary for the safety and protection of persons who are to use that portion of the County road or highway during the temporary closing, when the person or organization desiring the restriction or closure of said road or highway has complied with the following provisions:

(b) The person or organization desiring to conduct the celebration, parade, local special event or other activity requiring the closure or restriction of a portion of any County highway or road shall apply for a permit at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the proposed activity. Said request shall include the following information:

(1) The name of the person or organization sponsoring the activity, the type of activity, and the name of the person in charge.

(2) The specified time and place of assembly.

(3) The route to be followed and the time estimated to pass a given point.

(4) The approximate time and place of disbanding.

(5) Notification from either the California Highway Patrol or Sheriff's Department that they have been contacted and agree to provide whatever traffic control is necessary.

(c) Where a portion of a State highway is included in the request, the Director of Public Works is authorized to close or restrict the appropriate portion of the State highway in accordance with said request upon receiving approval from the District Director of the State Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). (Ord. 978 § 2, 4/9/74)

412-3. PENALTY.
table of contents
It shall be unlawful and an infraction for any person to temporarily close or restrict a portion of any County road or highway for celebrations, parades, local special events and other purposes unless they have complied with the provisions of Section 412-2 of this chapter. It shall also be unlawful and an infraction for any unauthorized person to enter upon a road or highway that is closed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or to violate or fail to comply with any restriction imposed by the Director of Public Works on the use of such a road or highway. Every person convicted of any such infraction shall be punished upon a f irst conviction by a f ine of not exceeding Fifty Dollars ($50.00), for a second conviction within a period of one (1) year by a fine of not exceeding One' Hundred Dollars ($100.00), and for a third or any subsequent conviction within said period of one (1) year by a fine of not exceeding Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00). (Ord. 978, Sec 3, 4/9/74; Amended by Ord. 1695, Sec. 3, 6/28/85)

Rev. 6/28/85

table of contents


Chapter 1 - Business Licenses

811-1. Required Approval Prior to Issuance of Licenses.
811-11. Licenses Required.
811-12. License Tax Collector.
811-13. Duties of License Tax Collector.
811-14. Auctioneers.
811-15. Bankers and Financiers.
811-16. Theaters and Other Places of Amusement.
811-17. Carnivals, Caravans, Menageries Etc.
811-18. Exceptions.
811-19. Retail and Wholesale Establishments.
811-20. Public Lodging Accommodations.
811-21. Traveling Merchants, Hawkers and Peddlers.
811-22. Animals Used for Stud Purposes.
811-23. Horses and Carriages for Hire.
811-24. Ferries.
811-25. Wharves.
811-26. Violations and Penalties.
811-27. Pleading Prior Recovery on Action.

Chapter 2 Regulation of Reduction Plants

812-1. Definitions.
812-2. License Requirement.
812-3. Application for License.
812-4. Inspection by Health Officer; Issuance by Tax Collector.
812-5. Prohibition of Offensive and obnoxious odors.
812-6. Inspection of Plants by Health Officer.
812-7. Required Procedures for operating Reduction Plants.
812-8. Prohibition of Reduction of Decomposed Material.
812-9. Sanitation Requirements.
812-10. Revocation or Suspension of License; Abatement of Nuisance.
812-11. Penalty.
812-12. Nonexclusive Remedies.

Chapter 3 - Regulation of Wood Products
table of contents
813-1. Applicability.
813-2. Permit Requirement.
813-3. Application for Permit.
813-4. Copies.
813-5. Fee.
813-6. Issuance of Permit.
813-7. Effect of Permit.
813-8. Suspension of Permit.
813-9. Revocation of suspension.
813-10. Renewal of Permit.
813-11. Display of Permit
813-12. Portable Sawmills.
813-13. Penalty.
813-14. Enforcement.

Chapter 4 - Regulation of Peddlers

814-1. Definitions.
814-2. License Requirement.
814-3. Duties of Tax Collector Regarding collection of Fees.
814-4. Issuance of Licenses.
814-5. Transferability of Licenses.
814-6. Payment of License Fees.
814-7. Amount of Fees.
814-8. Display of License.
814-9. Requirement of Bond or Insurance.
814-10. Entry for Inspection.
814-11. Exemption for Growers and Producers.
814-12. Exemption for Commercial Salesmen and Businesses Engaged Exclusively in Hauling or Trucking.
814-13. License Period.
814-14. Revocation of License.
814-21. Penalty.
814-22. Civil Liability.
814-23. No Bar to Further Action.

Chapter 5 - Regulation of Junk Dealers
table of contents
815-1. Definitions.
815-2. License Requirements.
815-3. Application.
815-4. Sheriff's Report.
815-5. Issuance of License.
815-6. License Fee.
815-7. License Period.
815-8. Expiration of License.
815-9. Display of License.
815-10. Transferability.
815-11. Revocation.
815-12. Reinstatement.
815-21. Reports to Sheriff.
815-22. Inspection of Reports.
815-23. Records Required.
815-24. Transporting Junk Fran County.
815-25. Sheriff's Records.
815-26. Holding Property Before Disposition.
815-27. Alterations.
815-28. Dealing with Minors.
815-29. Exemptions.
815-30. Closing Hours.
815-31. Separate Licenses.
815-32. Charitable Organizations
815-41. Penalty.

Chapter 6 - Licensing of Astrologers, Fortune Tellers and Spiritualists

816-1. License Requirement.
816-2. Penalty.

table of contents
The County keeps a copy of its ordinances at the County Law Library, which is on the ground floor rear of the County Courthouse in Eureka. These selections were made in May 1998 and presumably were current to that date.
ED Denson

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