An organization of volunteers who observe, document, report on, and using non-violent methods, try to deal with activities which seem to abuse civil liberties, human rights, or the environment.

1998 Raid Watcher's Guide to Violations to Watch for (Including Humboldt County Environmental Restrictions). The essential reading for all raid watchers.

Current hot projects:

  1. Marijuana Eradication Program violations of California's Environmental Quality Act

  3. Medical Marijuana Patient Rights.

  5. Demonstrator and Activist Rights during Non-violent Demonstrations.

  6. Interesting link:  The law suit Against CIA and DoJ  for facilitating the crack cocaine epidemic.

We are half-way to being certified as a non-profit. Donations may be sent to TRO c/o ED Denson, POB 158, Alderpoint, Ca 95511

 If you are looking for the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project they have moved.

Last updated 28 Mar 1999
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