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I set this page up so I could get in contact with the local community on the internet. It's not fancy, but you are welcome to use it. You can email anyone listed here directly from this page by clicking on their name and typing your message into the -email form that pops up. Its a fast and easy way for us to talk to each other. If you are local and want to be listed, send me your email or web page address - ED Denson

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Mateel home page directory
Places to Sleep & Things to Do
Local Campaign '96 pages for November

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A zip code finder.

US and International Postage Rates.

Greyhound Schedule
( Under construction but has 800 phone number, other info.)
Local Greyhound stop: Singing Salmon in Garberville.

Amtrack Schedule
(Under construction but has 800 number (under "Reservations"), other info.)
Local Amtrack stop (feeder bus) across from Waterwheel in Garberville.

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Gene Barnett
Bobbie Burow
Bruce Calderwood
Montgomery Calderwood
Linda Candiotti
Nat Childs
Lief Clennon
Rebecca Coker
Jimmy Dangler
Jim Deerhawk
ED Denson or see Homepage
Mary Alice Denson
David Dickinson
Linda Dillon
Russell Dobson
Janet Fitzgerald
Doug Fir
Maureen Frank
Manny Frishberg
Susan Gardner
Doug Green
John Graykowski
Jane Gund
Arlo Hagler
Larry Heald or see Homepage
Bill Hunter, M.D.
Ron Jones
Megan McCormack or see Homepage
Barry Melton or see Homepage
Shannon Murphy
Hannah Nelson
Shelly Otero
Todd Phillips
David Rippner
Bill Roddy
Dalia Roddy
Glenn & Pamela Sicklesteel
Peter Stern
Phil Wagner or see Home page
Rex White
Lawatha Wisehart

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Organizations and Businesses

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Access Solutions Home Page
Access Solutions System Home Page
Alternative Energy Engineering

Blue Canoe Beach & Bodywear

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation

Ellis Cooper on Economic Policy

Civil Liberties Monitoring Project

ED Denson

KMUD Community Radio 91.1 Garberville

Lost Forest Treks
( Ecotours of the Southern Andes Forests)

Larry Heald: Lyrical Surreal Paintings

Megan McCormack
Barry Melton
OptaPhone Systems
Redwoods Rural Health Center
George Rolff Real Estate Listing
Singing Trees Recovery Center
Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District/a>
Phil Wagner

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Places to Sleep

  1. Bell Glen B&B in the Redwoods
  2. Eel River Redwoods Hostel

Things to Do

  1. Redwood Forests of Northern California Photos, day trip suggestions, tourist info.

  2. Reggae On the River This site was a South Fork high school student entry in the History Day competition & it won a computer for the school. Well done. Authors Steve Brennan & Tai Luxon.


Elected officials E-Mail

Mike Thompson Ca. Senator

Frank Riggs US House of Reps

Barbara Boxer US Senate

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Elected Officals Web Pages

Campaign '96: November election.

  1. California Assembly, 1st District (that's us)

  2. US House of Representatives - Riggs' seat

    1. Riggswatch Anti-Riggs.
    2. Vote Smart Project's Frank Rigg's Page

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