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US plate number coil collecting began with the release of the first PNC in 1981 - the 18 flag. The field has grown now to be a major area of US philately. During the past 15 years coils have been an area of intense experimentation by the USPS and many interesting varieties have been created. The PNC collectors have welcomed the varieties, and the intensity of their study of US stamps has revitalized modern collecting. Here I offer both information and items for sale. Caution - I am trying to provide an accurate price for every item. I don't stock every item. Check with me to be sure anything expensive or unusual is actually available.

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    The Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3)

    The PNC3 is a large and vital group of PNC collectors. Their publication, the Coil Line, is now your best source for new information about numbers found, and varieties. They have classified ads, and periodic mail sales. Members often hold meetings at large stamp exhibitions. I recommend you join if these stamps interest you. US dues are $10 a year ($15 if you want the Coil Line mailed 1st class). Canada and Mexico are $15 per year, and other nations $20. Send dues to: Jim Perry, Treasurer PNC3, POB 20120, Beaumont, Texas, 77720 USA. Tell them ED sent you. (Address current May 1997)

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