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  1. Announced but not released
  2. New in March '96
  3. New in Jan-Feb '96
  4. New Release Services: why use them?

Upcoming PNCs

Trends: Self-adhesive coils will be a major factor in 1996. Perhaps there is machinery for automatic franking with self-adhesives now for bulk mailers? Anyway its clear that these issues are not simply an aberation & I suggest you pick up the earlier ones if you have not already done so.

At the risk of running against the tide might I suggest that however you collect other PNCs, the self-adhesives make a lot of sense as mint or used singles. Frankly they don't make a lot of sense in strips mint, and as they peel off the backing to be used, you won't find used strips.

The upside is that you reduce your cost of acquisition by a serious percentage. The possible downside: if collectors continue PS5 habits for these issues it may be more difficult to sell singles than strips. That is to say you might not get as much for them in terms of a percentage of retail list price. I'll sell them to you any way you want them, of course.

  1. Mar 16......... Nondenominated Mountain : Expect two PNCs at least since BEP & SV versions are to be released
  2. Apr 3......... 32 Flag over porch self-adhesive coil. BEP printing
  3. May...........20 Blue Jay coil self-adhesive.
  4. June 15
    1. 32 Flag over Porch self adhesive coil. Private printer.
    2. Nondenominated Butte coil.Self-adhesive version.
    3. Nondenominated Mountain coil: Self-adhesive version.
    4. Nondenominated Juke box coil: Self-adhesive version.
    5. Nondenominated Tail Fin coil:Self-adhesive version.
    6. Nondenominated Eagle & Shield coil: Self-adhesive version.
    7. Nondenominated Auto coil: Self-adhesive version.
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New In March 96

  1. 1T3s The 1 Omnibus #3 with shiny gum on white paper. This paper is quite obvious so the variety will be collectable mint or used.
  2. 1T 3t A tagged error has been found on the Omnibus. PNC #3 with shiny gum. The tagging was described in Linn's by Robert Rabinowitz as "light".
  3. 32F22322, 34333. The 32 Flag has two new numbers. 22322 & 34333. Total numbers 12, total collectable varieties: 14.

New In Jan-Feb 96

  1. V$11-32 The horizontal computer vended coil BEP plate 11. Note: current rate set is 20, 23, 32.
  2. 1L1111 - 1 Kestrel (part of the Living Beings Series - see Bumble Bee, Tulip)
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Why Use a New Release Service?

A new release service automatically sends you new PNCs as they are found or issued. The advantages to this are two:

1. You don't have to keep track of everything that's coming out in order to get a copy.
2. You save money.

The odd thing about the saving money part is this: you will probably pay a new release service a premium for most strips. Most new releases actually go down in price in the first 3 months, by about 10-15%. So how do you save money by buying them before they go down? Well, I said "most" strips go down. You save your money on the ones that don't go down. If they don't go down, they go up and if they go up they often go up quite a bit.

What happens is this. A new strip is found. Dealers buy some, and sell them to their new release customers. Then they go back for some more. If there aren't any more when they go back, prices start to go up and a mad search for more ensues. The longer the dealers can't find more strips the higher the price goes. After a few months they realize they aren't going to find more strips, and then prices can go thru the roof.

If you haven't gotten your strip in the first wave of shipments, then you are liable to not get it at all during those crucial weeks when the price is increasing. By the time you see what's going on, the price is up and you are paying a considerable premium for a strip you could have had at something like 4x face. This has happened often enough for me to say with reasonable certainty that its cheaper to subscribe to a new release service. How much can you save? One dealer advertises that his new release customers have saved $500 -$700 over the past couple of years. If his customers have, so have everyone else's.

Who offers a new release service? I do, of course. So do several other dealers. I offer you some variety: you can subscribe to Used singles, Mint PS3 or Mint PS5 and in three grades of condition: F-VF, VF, XF. Shipments are made periodically, depending upon volume of new issues. All subscribers agree to buy all new releases and get an automatic 10% volume discount on all shipments. You can quit at any time. I can charge to your credit card or ship on invoice.

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