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General Philatelic Resources

These links are intended to focus on US Plate Number Coils and Swedish stamps. Here are a few general philately sites which should keep you surfing to your hearts content.

  1. Joe Luft's Stamp Pages The site to visit for starters.

  2. Chuck Henderson's Philatelic Links is another good source for general philately

  3. The World Of Stamps is a well organized dealer's site with a trading board, country links, free stamps, and good links.

  4. US Postoffice, Internet Branch. Press releases about new issues & other postal matters. Some images.

Publications and Societies

  • Linn's Stamp News On-line edition The leading philatelic weekly puts a small fraction of its 80+ pages on line.

  • The Scandinavian Philatelic Society Interesting for collectors of Sweden.

  • Czeslaw Slania Study Group. Slania, generally considered the greatest stamp engraver, has done countless Swedish stamps over the past several decades.

  • Sweden This page is the start of an ambitious project to list the stamps of Sweden. At the moment there is only an index and a listing of new releases from late 1995. Stay tuned.

  • Sweden Post The philatelic agency. Should be active by mid-April. Keep trying

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