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Swedish Stamps Canceled Outside Sweden

A listing of some covers bearing Swedish stamps and cancelled off of Swedish soil. These are available for sale or trade.


  • Peacekeeping Forces Abroad
  • Ship Covers
    1. Steamboat Posts (Angbats Post)
    2. Ferries
    3. Ships to England
    4. Ocean Liners
    5. Cargo ships
    6. Naval posts

    Peacekeeping Forces

    1. Belgian Congo
    2. Cypress
    3. Egypt
    4. Lebanon
    5. Saar

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    Posted or cancelled on Ships

    1. Angbats Post - Steamships
    2. These ships often sailed routes entirely within Swedish borders. Some sailed coastal routes, and called upon foreign ports. Mail posted on board during the journey received special cancels. Here is a partial listing of known covers.

      1. AXP 20. Cancel Type XI. Date unclear but probably c 1949 making this the Stockholm-Vaxholmsomradet route. A #6 envelope, philatelic, redish cancel, 4 poor strikes, altho route number clear on two) on 5 copies of the 2 ore 1911 (S2+S3) black typed address to C Edward Ceder, Cat Skr 500. Price $25.

      2. AXP 27. Cancel type X. Black. Stockholm-Motala (Gota Canal) route. Two excellent strikes on a #6 envelope with 5x 2 ore orange(S + B4) 2.8.49. Philatelic. Blue-Green typed address C. Edward Ceder, Catalog Skr 1000. Price $150

      3. Angbats PXP No 145. Cancel Type III. 15.8.1950 Stockholm-Motala-Goteborg, Gota Canal. Two fine strikes with incomplete borders tie two 5 ore Gustaf 1938 orange to European size envelope. Typed in UL "S/S Juno" & route, typed address "Herr Tage Ljungstromer". Folded to #6 size, but complete. Catalog Skr 600. Price $60.

      4. ABXP 182. Cancel Type IV, probably. Three poor strikes on 5-2 ore 1911 (S + B4) plus good strike Stockholm 3.8.48. Envelope is #6. Pen cachet "S/S Saxeron/ NR 182" Blue typed address "C. Edward Ceder,". Skr 50. Price $5.00

      5. PKP 62. Boat-Train from Nassjo-Malmo-Trelleborg. 4 excellent strikes 9.2.48 tie 2 ore orange S3 to #6 envelope. Philatelic. Black typed address "C. Edward Ceder,". Cat ?. Price $25.

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    3. Ferry Posts

      1. To Denmark

      2. To Germany

      3. To Finland

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    4. Ships to England

      Further than a ferry but not as far as an ocean liner.

      Cruise Ships & Transatlantic Liners

      These ships sailed on long voyages with up to 1000 or more passengers plus a large crew. They were in effect small towns of limited duration -limited by the length of the cruise which could be from 2 weeks to several months. People in these small towns wrote letters and cards which were canceled at the ship's postoffice and posted at ports - imagine a remote village with a weekly mail pick up. They would be among the rarest items in postal history but for one fact: everyone involved was extremely interested in the mails. The inhabitants wrote a far larger number of messages than people on shore do and the cards and letters tended to be saved by the recipients because they were special. They had the glamour of a sea voyage about them. So we have today many philatelic relics of these small, temporary, villages.

      1. Pre world war II: The holms.

        1. Drottningholm

        2. Gripsholm

        3. Kungsholm

        4. Stockholm

      2. 1946-1974: The cruises

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      Cargo Ships
      Cargo ships generally have mail privileges as Paquebots. This scheme was intended for crew mails but collectors have created a small but steady supply of philatelic favor covers, mailed to the ships captains for remailing at ports of call.

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      Swedish Navy Ship Posts

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