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Publications concerning Swedish philately in all of its aspects. I welcome additions to this list.

Specialized Catalogs, Handbooks, and Articles

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Auction Catalogs
  3. Booklets
  4. Cancellations
  5. Commemorative Stamps
  6. Locals
  7. Military Stamps
  8. Meters
  9. Official Stamps
  10. Perfins
  11. Postage Dues
  12. Postal History
  13. Postal Stationary
  14. Prepaid Return Postage (Svarslosen)
  15. Regular issues
  16. Revenues
  17. Test Stamps
  18. Topical Information
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  1. "Sweden's Stamps" said to be boring by Mr. Rimmerfors in a report to the Swedish Parliment. Color printing would be better. Translated from "Svenska Degbladet" by Magnus Junedahl & printed in Contact March 1960 (Vol 3 #4) p 54.

  2. Auction Catalogs

    "Pelander Sale of the Ryquist Collection of Sweden" discussed. Contact, December 1961, Vol 3 # 11, page 152

    "The Facit Auction Nov 1969" and some of the exceptional results are topics of Nils Stalhandske's note in Contact V6 #7, December 1969 page 98

    "The J. Alfred Birch and Stanley C. Daft collections" were sold following the deaths of these two ex-Presidents of the SPS. A listing of Swedish items of interst from the Daft collection is in Contact V6 #10 September 1970 Page 156-157.

  3. Bookets

    1. Atlas Handbok over Svenska Maskintillverkade Posthaften by Rune Ahman, published by Atlas Haftes AB. Looseleaf in two volumes, updated 4/92. The book, entirely in Swedish, goes into incredible detail about the booklets sold over the counter (vs vending machine booklets which are called "slot machine" booklets in Swedish philately). Includes color varieties, tagging, marginal markings, cover variations - everything. A bit difficult for the non-Swedish reader but a good deal of information can be had with some work. Swedish postal counter booklets are prefixed with an "H" in Facit, to which this booklet conforms. H1-H51 were handmade. The catalog covers H52 to H421 (Xmas 1991).

    2. "The Last Handmade Swedish Stamp Booklets" by Palle Laursen, taken from the 1985 Naesstved Exhibition Catalog and translated by R. S. Johnson. Emphasis on the 3+4 side booklets from 1937-1953. Contact V12 #10, Whole number 136, pages 410-417

    3. Swedish Slot-machine Booklets 1954-1977 by Lennart Lagerstrom. Specialhandbok N:r 9 of the Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund of Stockholm. Published in 1978. Swedish text with English summaries as you go. 94 pages, well illustrated.

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  4. Cancellations

    1. "Svenski motivstamplar" or "Swedish Thematic Cancels" 1866-1859" is a 116 page book which includes "Special handstamps, Machine postmarks with text or illustrations, Air-mail cancellations, Ship cancellations, and Ordinary Postmarks" if they are "of interest to thematic collectors". Their numbering system for the bulk of the cancels - the special handstamps - is by year, and then sequential number. So we would give the first cancel of 1996 the number "96-01" etc. Many cancels are illustrated. Pages 90-112 are English translations of the text of the cancels. Pages 113-115 list the cancels by theme. A very useful book. Specialhandbok Nr 15 of the SFF, Stockholm 1983.

    2. Many of these cancels are listed in the articles published by Rolf Lindgren in the Scandianavian Contact during the 1950s. The articles extend into the 1960s and so list several hundred additional cancels using the same numbering scheme. The articles include extensive illustrations.

      1. "...During 1954 Up to November 15". Lists #1-59, illustrates 40. Contact, Vol 1, #? (I have a reprint of the article)

      2. "... During 1956 Up to 31st August" Lists, describes, and illustrates 52 cancels including FDC, First day of route, commemorative cancels. Contact Sept 1956 (Vol 2 #2), pages 26-27 & insert.
      3. "- During the Period 1st Sept -1st Dec." 1956. Lists and describes 11 more cancels (#53-63). Contact Dec 1956 (Vol 2 #3) page 42.
      4. "... during 1957 up Til 30th November" Cancels 49-57 (Aug 20-Nov 21st) Contact, December 1957 (Vol 2 #7) page 98.

      5. "-During 1959 Up Till 29th October". Cancel #66 for 1958, #1-76. Includes several ship cancels, illustration of many. Contact December 1959 (Vol 3 #3) Pages 39-41 & illustration insert page.

      6. "-From Oct 31st, 1959 Up to Dec 1, 1960". Describes 1959 #77-90, 1960 #1-95 with some illustrations. Several ship cancels included. Notes include details about Ferry cancels, and Kongo peacekeeper cancels. Contact December 1960 (Vol 3 #7) pages 92-96 plus page of illustrations.

      7. "...During Year 1961". Lists #1-102. Illustrates 36 of them. Contact, December 1961, Vol 3 #11, pages 153-56 & insert.

      8. "...During the Year 1962". Lists #1-91 cancels & illustrates 36 of them.

      9. "...During the Year 1963". Lists #1-102 and illustrates 36 of them. Notes this is the last year Rolf Lindgren can compile them & hopes someone else will pick up the ball. Contact Vol 4 #8, March 1964. Pages 109-112.

    3. "Priskatalog over Svenska Minnepoststamplar 1866-1982" is primarily limited to what the thematic catalog called "special handstamps". The numbering system is sequential starting in1866 with #1 and extending to #6480 at the end of 1982. That will give some idea of the extent of this field. The 256 page book is small in format, has relatively few illustrations, but gives prices. The prices range from about 30 to about $300, with most under $1. Published by the SFF in 1983.

    4. An odd cancel on the 24 ore 1858 issue is described in the "Editorial" of the Contact, Vol 4 #8, March 1964 p1. It is five small circles,13mm, and is also known on the 9 ore. In Contact, Vol 4 #10, Sept 1964, page 127 it is determined that the cancel is Canadian.

    5. "The Air Postmarks of Sweden" by Michael Gordon. Describes, illustrates, gives dimensions of and useages of "all Swedish postmarks referring in any way to airmail, aeronautics, aviation or any other kind of flying". Thirty six cancels are listed here in part 1 (thru 1938). Contact V4#12 March 1965 p 161-165.

    6. "The 'FRA' Handstamps of Denmark". Article describing Fra uses c 1959-60 including new FRA NORGE & also mail from Swedish ports. Contact, June 1960 (Vol 3 #5)page 63

    7. "Thousands of Oscar II" stamps sorted & several then unlisted Railway post cancels found. Contact V6 #12 March 1971 p 189-190

    8. "Swedish Postmarks" is a listing of works in Swedish which relate to cancellations, complied as a result of an inquiry by Mr. Forrestier-Smith in an earlier issue. The items are listed below. Contact V6 #10 September 1970 page 148

      Handbok over Svenska Post och Makulerings Stamplaer 1685-1951. "396 pages, profusely illustrated, covering everything from the pre-stamp period and including commerative cancels"

      Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund: Priskatalog over Svenska Post Och Makuleringsstamplar 1967.

      SFF:s Fickbibliotek (Pocket Library) No 2 -Stralstamplarnas Historia - a history of the star cancels. 52 pp soft cover 1956.

      SFF:s Fickbibliotek No 9 "De Svenska Fn Forbandens Militarposrtstamplar" -"deals with the Swedish U.N. military unit cancellations: soft-covered with 26 pages and published in 1966."

      "Meddelanden Fran Postmuseum 25; Svergies Fasta Postanstalter, Genon Tiderna" - "Published in 1949 by the Swedish Postal Museum and dealing with dates of usage in Fixed Post Offices; soft cover and 200 pages". A 70 page supplement bringing it up to 1955 is available.

      "Katalog over Svenska Forstadage-Brev och Minnes-Poststamplar" by Sigurd Tullberg. "Published in 1955 and dealing with first day postmarks."

    9. "Sweden Consolidates Mail Sorting: Fewer Town Cancels?" is a brief article to note Svenska Dagbladet's report that Sweden will set up "19 sorting centers where the major part of all Swedish letters will be canceled". However, as in the US, "it is still possible to go to your local post office and request the letter be cancelled there."[ Note: "In the future there will be only 900 post offices in Norway. This was announced by Posten on the 19 April 1996" (Contact V16 #7 p286)].The Posthorn, May 1996, page 66.

  5. Locals

    Annand describes Swedish locals as occuring in 3 periods. (1)1888-89, (2) in the 1920's with one remaining in business into the (3)rd period, which is 1944-1946. At the height of the 3rd period there were 50 local posts in 41 towns. "From the beignning in December 1944 to the last emission of Uppsala on 11th February 1946, no less than 238 stamps appeared." (p44)

    1. The Private Local Posts of Scandianvia by W J D Annand. 56 pp. 8&1/2x11, spiral bound, no covers. Pages 30-46 deal with Sweden. I believe this to be a reprint of a series of articles, tho I do not know where they appeared. He discusses some (perhaps all) of the posts from each period with a few faint illustrations (photocopied edition I think)

    2. A Catalogue of Swedish Local Postage Stamps issued from 1941 to 1947, compiled by Raymond Lister. Published 1952 (?). Reprint edition by Harry Hayes, London 1971. 24 pages. Describes the issues of the local posts with one illustration of each town, gives town population, industry, post owner. Does not list postal stationary.

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  6. Meters

    The Meter Postage Stamp Catalogue" by S.D. Barfoot, B.Sc., and Werner Simon was released c 1953. I have a copy of the 1971 Xerox Edition. Sweden is listed on pp99-101 and the listings seem to go thru about 1944. A supplement is mentioned but I don't know if it was published, or if it contained information about Swedish meters. Can anyone help with information?

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  7. Military Stamps

    1. "The Military Reply Postage Stamps of Sweden" by Rolf Lindgren. Serial article in Contact.
      Part II in March 56 (Vol 1 #4?)p?-135
      Part III in June 1956 (Vol 2 #1) p 8-9 (M3)
      Part IV in Sept 1956 (Vol 2 #3) p 17-18 (M4)
      Part V in Dec 1956 (Vol2 #4 ) p31.(M5)
      Part VI in June 1957 (Vol 2 #5) p 59 (M6, M10 in Egypt)
      Part VII in Sept 1957 (Vol 2 #6) p?-73 (M7?)
      Part VIII in Dec 1957 (Vol 2 #7) p 87 (M8)
      Part IX in March 1958 (Vol 2 #8) p 103 (M9 "is a wonderful hunting ground for the eager philatelic mind."

  8. Swedish Army Abroad

    "Swedish Volunteers" in Finland during WWII. Based on Teuvo Ronkkonen's Book on the Winter War and Rainer Ahonius's article in Suomen Postimerkkilehti #9, 1967 pp 131-133, on the Continuation War (1941-45). Contact V14#4 Whole #150 September 1990 pages 140-141

    "The Field Postmasters' Problem" by Rune Gustafsson. A note about fieldpost in Egypt & problems with philatelic cancel requests. Contact March 1959 (Vol 2 #8) p 112

    "Swedish Special Cancellations" includes info about Kongo cancel going into use. Contact Vol 3 #7 December 1960 page 95

  9. The Official Stamps

  10. Martin Fishenden's works:
    1. Sweden: Replating the Large Officials 1874-1893. Part 1 2,3,4,5,12,20, &30 Ore Values by Martin Fishenden. Cockrill Series Booklet No. 45. 80 pp
    2. Scandinavian Contact Vol 12 #8 Sept 1986. "Sweden, the 6 ore large offical" p 335-339.
    3. Scandinavian Contact Vol 14 #4 Sept 1990. "Sweden, the 6 ore large offical" p 134-135
    4. Scandinavian Contact Vol 14 #2 Mar 1990. "Sweden, large officals -the 24 ore" p 64-67.
    5. Scandinavian Contact Vol 12 #10 Mar 1987. "Sweden, the 50 ore Plate 1 large offical" p 417-420.
    6. Scandinavian Contact Vol 13 #6 Sept 1988. "Sweden, large officals -1 krona, plate 1" p 64-67.
    7. Scandinavian Contact Vol 13 #8 Mar 1989. "Sweden, large officals -1 krona, plate 2" p 309-315.
    8. Scandinavian Contact Vol 13 #9 June 1989. "Sweden, large officals the overprints" p 359-367.
    9. Scandinavian Contact Vol 14 #1 Dec 1989. "Sweden, large officals, 10 ore on 12 ore" p 20 -27.
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  11. Perfins

    1. SVENSKA SKYDDSPERFORERINGAR by Leif Bergman Tord Lagerwall Stellan Swenson. Published by: SVERIGES FILATELIST-FORBUND (SPECIALHANDBOK NR 14) i samarbete med SAMLARFORENINGEN BALTESPANARNA ............................. Denna bok ar utgiven ar Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund isamarbete med Samlarforeningen baltespannarna. Tryck: Sjuharadsbygdens Tryckeri AB; Boras 1981. ISBN 91-85702-06-4.

    Can anyone help here with English language books or articles?
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  1. "The Postage Due Stamps of Sweden" by L. E. Halldene, translator. From the "Handbok over Svergies Frankotechen". Contact, V1 #? (I have a reprint).

  2. "Sweden- the 24 ore Losen Issue" by R.M. Fishenden. Another in his excellent series of the plating of 19th century Swedish stamps. Extensively illustrated. Scandinavian Contact Vol 16 #7 June 1996. page 311-16.

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  • Postal History

    1. Facit Postal: Ortstamplar och posthistoria This is the general reference for Swedish postal history. My edition is from 1993 but I believe it to be an annual publication. 384 pages Swedish and English text. Includes: postal rates, rarity rating of Swedish covers to foreign destinations 1855-1938, military posts, town cancels and various other postal designations, railway post by route number, steamship post, and foreign cancels on Swedish stamps.

    2. The Postal History of Sweden, a monograph of 20 pages by J. Alfred Birch published as a reprint from a Postal History Society bulletin c 1960. Described in Contact March 1960 (Vol 3 #4) page 46

    3. Svensk Posthistorik 1855-1925 by Jan Billgren and Soren Andersson. 330+ pages perfect bound, in Swedish, and published by Sveriges Filatelist Forbund. Reviewed in the Posthorn Nov 1996, Page 170, by Alan Warren.

      "The Early History of the Swedish Postal System" by H. T. Pritchett, as read tothe NY Chapter of the SCC 8 June 1964. Part 1 is in Contact, Vol 4 #9, June 1964 . Pages 123-126.

      ---Part II is in Contact, Vol 4 #10, Sept 1964. Pages 137-140

      "Hazardous Crossings - The Early Post-Route Across the Aland Sea" by Gordon T.J. Irons describes the post-peasant deliveries from Gustaf Vasa's time into the stamp period. Contact, Vol 4 #11, Dec 1964 pages 151-154.

    4. Airmail
      1. "The Air Postmarks of Sweden (Postmarks connected with airmail, Aeronautics, air exhibitions, etc)" by M. Gordon. A discussion of Swedish air markings from 1912-1956 including the "air post office" on the night flights to London in 1929. Contact June 1957 (Vol 2 #5) p 63-65.

      2. "Swedish Air Mail Rates to Europe 1930-1949" by W.J.D. Annand, condensed from a collection of PO Circulars reprinted in "Tillsggsporton for Flygpost 1930-1946 " by Karin Raben published by the Postmuseum. Good detail on WWII rates. Contact V13 #9, Whole number 145, page 352.

    5. Steamship posts

      Steamship post cancels are marked by the AXP acronymm and as McFie says "Of all the steamboat post offices, only a few were in traffic abroad, and those involved Norway and Finland." (p124). Cruise ships by contrast toured much of the world

      1. Angbatspost by Donald MacFie. Special Handbok N:r 7, Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund, Stockholm 1977. 126 pages, in Swedish with a two page English summary and explanation of the listing charts. The AXP routes were numbered and the cancels include the number. MacFie lists the routes by number giving the terminal ports, dates of operation, ship names, and cancels types with rarity ratings. Readers of English only can easily make extensive use of this book.

      2. Post Ombord -Angbatspost pas annat satt Swedish language only. This is a 35 page reprint of a series of articles by Armand Mansson which appeared in the SFF publication. It is N:r 22 in the SFF Handbook series. It covers much the same material as MacFie's book, but organized geographically with route charts and plentiful illustrations of the cancels. Readers of English can easily make extensive use of this booklet.

      3. Articles

        "s/s Selma Lagerlof" a brief article re Angbats PXP N:r 49, 1905 canceled on the Selma Lagerlof. The ship was still in use on the Lakes of Fryken, where the stamp was canceled, in 1958. Contact, June 1960 (Vol 3 #5) p 64.

    6. Railway post . Assistance needed

      1. "Check-List of Swedish Travelling Post Offices Operating During 1963" listed by route number and giving the terminal points of each route. Copies from the Railway Post Office timetable for 1963. Contact, Vol 4 #8, pages 103-104
      2. Ocean liner and cruise ship posts

        1. Contact September 1955 (Vol 1 #2?) (page 110-111)article gives FDU for Lloyd ship cancels on Britannia, Patricia, Saga, Suecia.

        2. "Sale of the Swedish Lloyd Steamer 'Saga'" discusses special cancels on Lloyd ships, dates, data on ships. CONTACT December 1956 (Vol 2 #3) page 40

        3. "Stockholm-Andrea Doria Crash" mentioned in Contact, December 1956 (Vol2 #3) p 40

        4. "The First M/S Gripsholm" by M. Gordon. A discussion of the ship and her postmarks. "In 1955 the 'Gripsholm' was sold to the German Shipping line "Norddeutscher Lloyd" who renamed her 'Berlin'". Contact June 1958 (Vol 2 #9)page 119.

        5. "The M/S Gripsholm" discusses "the latest addition to the Swedish American line's fleet of passenger ships" with special cancels both ways on her maiden voyage. Contact June 1957 (Vol 2 #5) p 61

        6. "Special Cancellation for the Cruise by m/s Gripsholm". The Nordkap cruse leaves NY 28 June 1958 and lasts until 11th August 1958. Contact June 1958 (Vol 2 #9) p 124.

        7. "Sale of m/s Stockholm". Stockholm sold to German firm when 1959 schedule completed. To be replaced by 750 passenger ship (vs 575). Contact June 1959 (Vol 3 #1) p 4.

        8. "Hamburg-America Line Buys Swedish Passenger Ship" - sale of the Patricia. New name: Ariadne. Last dates: 24/9/57-Goteborg to London. 26/9/57 - London to Goteborg.

      3. Ship posts: Ferrys

        "Information on the Ferry and Shipping Services of the Danish State Railways" lists all ferrys between Denmark and Sweden with historic data, names of ships, distances etc. Contact Vol 4 #11, Dec 1964, pages 145-148

        "New Swedish Ferry to Continent", Europe's largest motorcar and railway ferry soon to be on Trelleborg-Sassnitz route. Contact December 1957 (Vol 2 #7) p 95.

        "700th Anniversary of Trelleborg" The celebration includes putting the "Trelleborg" into service. Europes most modern train ferry handles 1000 passengers, 40 rr cars, and 30 motor cars. Details about Trelleborg's history and industry. Contact June 1958 (Vol 2 #9) p 126

        "Trelleborg-Sassnitz Route" describes cancels in use in 1964. Contact, Vol 4 #10, Sept 1964. Page 134.

        "Swedish Special Cancels" includes information about Princessan Christina & Prins Bertil cancels as well as the m/f Europafergan which uses stamps of 3 countries (but not mixed). Contact December 1960, Vol 3 #7, page 95.

        "Some Notes on Scandinavian T.P.O.'s and Ship Routes" by E. Menne Larson. Discusses Kobenhavn-Helsingborg, Malmo (& Amb 142). Simrishmamn (Sweden)-Allinge (Denmark), Frederikshavn-Larvik, Fra Sverge mark at Helsingor. Contact Dec 1963, Vol 4 #7, page 90.

      4. Collateral Matters

        "The Story Behind the Postmark: Gothenburg Free Harbour" by Lennart Brandt in Contact, December 1956 (Vol2 #3) page 32. Discusses "Goteborgs Frihamn" cancels.

        "The Swedish Post Office at Grissleham" - a request for information about this office on the Aland sea by member Denis Vendervelde for a study. Contact V6 #5 September 1969 p 76.

        "Valutakontroll during WWII" by W.J.D. Annand discusses how registered mail was processed in Sweden during the war years. Contact V13 #9, Whole number 145, page 351.

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    7. Revenues

      1. Scandinavian Revenues by J Barefoot Ltd. European Philately 14, 2nd edition 1988. There are 52 pages of which the last 10 are devoted to Swedish revenues. Well illustrated. Gives values.

    8. Svarslosen (return paid stamps)

      Sveriges och Norges Svarslosenmarken Samt Helsaker 1968-1978 by Lasse Liwendahl. 1979. The 96 page catalog is in Swedish but there is a 4 page English summary at the back as well as a 5 page German summary. Well illustrated and quite easy for the non-Swedish reader to use.

      "Swedish Postage Due Stamps" by Rolf Gummeson describes the first Svarslosen, issued for use on replies to the Reader's Digest. Contact V6 #9 June 1970 pages 126-127.

      The Swedish Svarsloseen Puzzle" by Dr. Allan Hauck. Describes the Svarslosen stamps and discusses whether they are actual "stamps" or not in terms of printing, useage, and treatment by the Swedish postal authorities. Contact V6 #12 March 1971. Page 178-179/

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      Test Stamps
      "Test Stamps Used at the Swedish Post Office Stamp Printing Works" illustrated with engravers given. Contact V12 #8, Whole Number 134, September 1986, page 351.

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