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There is not a lot available on Swedish stamps in English. However much of what there is is of high quality. I welcome additions to this list.

  1. General Catalogs
  2. Specialized Handbooks, Catalogs, & Articles
  3. Sweden Post: the Philatelic Agency
  4. Bibliographies of Swedish Philately
  5. Where You Can Buy Listed Books
  6. Publications Wanted for Loan or Purchase

    Sweden Post

    Sweden Post Stamps S-981 84 Kiruna, Sweden. They sell Swedish new releases, year sets of stamps or booklets, CTO, FDC, year books and specialized coffee-table type books. Now available a 221 page book on Slania, for instance. They take credit cards and their fax line sometimes works. You may order directly over the internet.
    At last look there were images of all Swedish stamps since Jan 1, 1995. Also you can order FDC covers now after the FDOI, which is useful. I recommend all Swedish collectors investigate this site (and watch out for heavy graphics downloads).

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    Bibliographies of Swedish Philately

    1. Handbook over Monographs etc published by Royal Postal Museum Library in Stockholm. The handbook is in 5 parts each about 350 pages. It contains a register of the Postal museum's books and articles...about 20,000 monographs" Contact March 1960 (Vol 3 #4) Page 49

    2. "Philatelic Literature" by D. Jordan lists titles found in 5 sources: AHA catalog, Harris publicatoins, Billig's Price list, Treasure Stamps, Scandinavian Collectors Group Library. There is one crowded page of Sweden listings. Contact, December 1963, Vol 4 #7, pages 93-97 (97 = Sweden).

    3. "Index to Articles Contained in Volume IV" of the Scandianavian Contact. Contact V3 #12 March 1965 P169-170

    People Who Sell Books & Publications on Swedish Philately

    1. Hartman's Philatelic Book Site offers some of the SFF publications listed above, as well as others.
    2. Walter Potts can be reached by e-mail or phone at 1-800-314-5872. I've had good luck buying some of the items listed here from him.

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    Publications Wanted for Loan or Purchase

    Contact issues: Vol 1 - all
    Vol 2: Nos 4, 6,10-12
    Vol 3 #10, 12
    Vol 5: all
    Vol 6: #11
    Vol 7: All
    Vol 8: Need none.
    Vols 9 Need all.
    Vol 10: Need all
    Vol 11: Need all
    Vol 12: Need 1-7, 9, 11,12
    Vol 13: Need 1-5,7,10-12
    Vol 14: Need 3, 5-12
    Vol 15: Need all.
    Vol 16: Need 1-5
    My subscription began with Vol 16, Nr 6.
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