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Publications concerning the regular postage stamps of Sweden. I welcome additions to this list.

  1. 1855-62 Coat of Arms Issues
  2. 1862-72 Lying Lion Issues
  3. 1872-85 Ringtype Issues
  4. 1885-1911 Oscar Issues
  5. 1911-1920 Definitives & Semipostals
  6. 1920-1939 Gustaf & Posthorn Issues
  7. Gustaf V & 3 Crowns Issues
  8. Commemoratives Since 1940

  • Regular Issues

    1. Skilling Banco Stamps 1855-1858 by Georg Menzinsky , Per Sjoman and Sven Akerstedt. (91 pages) published in the same volume with the

    2. Black Local Stamp and 1862 Provisional Stamp of Local Type by Georg Menzinsky. (41 pages)Translated into English by Sven Ahman and published by the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation in 1985. A large book with excellent illustration and extensive details about the preparation and editions of these stamps. I don't believe the reprints of the Skilling Bancos are discussed.


      1. "Notes on the Early Issues of Sweden" by Abam Odfjell. Discusses various aspects of Skilling banco issue. Contact December 1956 (Vol 2 #3) pages 34-35,37.

      2. "A faked 'rarity'" by W.J.D. Annand discusses a cover with a 3 Skbco stamp on it determined to be a fake after 26 years of auction history. Contact V13 #9, Whole #145, page 350.

      3. "Three Skilling Yellow for Three Million Francs" by John Lindholm. Cover story of Nov 1996 Posthorn (Vol 53 #4, whole number 209) page 147-49. Discusses recent auction, prior history and lore of the world's most valauble stamp.

      4. "Sweden- a mystery stamp" by E. H. Wise discusses a 24 Sbco canceled 18 Aug 1855 and on moderately thick paper. Expertisers suggest the back was added later to a good front, but he doubts it. Contact V6 #5 June 1969 pages 68-69

      5. "The Reprints of the Skilling Banco Series" which is an article translated from "Svensk Filatelistisk Tidskrift" for July 1955. It "explains the circumstances of the production of the several series of reprints from 1868 to 1885, and details the charactertistics by which they may be identified". Published in The Stamp Magazine" as described in Contact March 1960 (Vol 3 #4) page 49

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    3. Sweden Coat of Arms Ore Values 1858-1872 by Per Sjoman, Erik Helmers and Einer Wockatz. (113 pages) Translated into English by Sven Ahman and published by the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation in 1984.

      1. "The 'Coat of Arms' Issue of 1858-72" by Ernest H. Wise. Part 2 coavers shades, printing quantities, paper, 12 ore plate flaws, etc. Contact V6 #1 June 1968 Pages 7-10 (continued from p 180 March 1968, and continued to:

      2. ... Part 3 takes up the 24-50 ore, and postmarks found on the issue. Contact, V6 #2, September 1968, page 19-22.

      3. ... Correction to part 3 suggesting the #24 numeral cancellation of the trans-Denmark railway is probably Helsingor "which is but 10 minutes by ferry from Halsingborg in Sweden". -Douglas Collard. Contact V6 #3 December 1968. Page 39

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    4. Lion Type Stamps 1862-1872 by Georg Menzinsky, (44 pages) published in the same volume with Blomberg's Ringtype stamps.


      1. "Sweden -3 Ore Lion, 1862-72" by T. W. Olsinger, "translated from "Skandinavisk Filateli" for Oct 1949 this article covers in detail the reasons for the issue, the mode of production, and the types of the 3 ore. The origin of the so-called "type 3" receives special discussion". The Stamp Magazine Vol 16 p 247 Jan 1950 as Described in Contact March 1960 (Vol 3 #4) p 49.

      2. Ring Type Stamps 1872-1892 by Erik Blomberg.(79 pages). Published in the same volume with Menzinsky's Lion Type book. Both translated by Svan Ahman into English and published by the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation in 1985


        1. "Plating Sweden 2 Ore Ringtype" by Martin Fishenden & Frank Baze. The Posthorn, Vol 52 #1 Feb 1995. Page 3-14. A definitive look at this stamp's plate flaws with extensive charts and diagrams , including flaws in posthorns printed on the back. Real fun. This article was also printed in Contact.

        2. "Four Ore Ring Type of Sweden" by James Burgeson. An excellent survey of what is known about this stamp, its production, and use, plus key surviving examples. The Posthorn, May 1996, p 51-58.

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      3. Sweden: Stamps of the Oscar Period 1885-1911 translated by S. Ahman. SFF Handbook A:3, 1992. Available from SPF $35 members/$40 non-members.


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      4. 1910-1920 Ars Vanliga Frimarken med Lilla Riksvapnet och Konung Gustaf V:s Portratt by Hugo Olsson and F. Benzinger. Swedish only, 196 pages. Published 1948. The only study of the stamps between the Oscars and the Lions that I have found. Difficult for the reader not fluent in Swedish.

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      5. Postage Stamps of Sweden 1920-1942 by Arthur Rydquist, A.P.S. A Handbook of the American Philatelic Society published May 1943. This is a compilation of articles appearing in Vols 55-56 of "The American Philatelist". Sixty pages, extensively illustrated, with some good diagrams of the plate variations.


      6. Postage Stamps of Sweden 1920-1945 by Georg Menzinsky, Issued by the Royal Swedish General Post Office. 1946. English. 163 pages. Describes the production methods and the stamps in great detail with many plate varieties illustrated. An excellent resource for the specialist.


        1. "Types of Paper Used for Printing Swedish Stamps Since 1920" by John H. Lambert in Contact, June 1957 (Vol 2 #5) pages 67-68
        2. "Swedish 3 ore Small Coat of Arms" by J. H. Lambert. Good article, illustration of retouch. Contact, V1# ? (reprint)

        3. "60 ore values: 1924 sets of Sweden" by C.B. Daniels suggests that there are two shades of the 60 ore UPU set values & hopes for confirmation. Contact V6 #5 September 1969 p 84/

        4. "Swedish Anniversaries: Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Swedish Colony 'New Sweden' in North America". A half page description of the events leading to the colony celebrated on the 1938 series. Contact September 1959 (Vol 3 #2) page 21.

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      7. Gustaf V profile & 3 Crowns Definitives
        "Sweden: The Gustaf V Profile And Three Crowns Definitives, Part I: Introduction to a Study" by W. J. D. Annand. Discusses dies, plate flaws, printing methods, a new die on the 90 ore. Contact V14 #1 Whole # 147, December 1989 pages 31-33


        1. "...Part II: The 5o, 10o, and 15o profile". Contact V14 32, Whole number 148, March 1990. Pages 70-73

        2. "...VI: Three Crowns - September and November 1939" Quite extensive. Probably actually part IV not VI as printed in the publication. Contact V14 #4, Whole Number 150, September 1990. Pages 145-157

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      8. Commemoratives Since 1940
        1. "1945 Swedish Press Issue a "Postal' Commemoration" by John Lindholm discusses the 1945 set for the 300th anniversary of the Swedish Press. Shows two plate flaws (broken pen, green flame) Posthorn, Nov 1996, (Vol53 #4, whole number 209) p157-59, photos.

        2. "Rock Carvings of Sweden" by Rolf Lindgren discusses the designs on the 1954 issue. Contact V4#12 March 1956 Page 166-167

        3. "Centenary of the Swedish Railways", an announcement and discussion of the issue. Contact December 1956 (Vol2 #3) page 37

        4. "The Story Behind the Stamp: Selma Lagerlof issue" 1.5 page description of her career. Contact September 1959 (Vol 3 #2) pages 22-23.

        5. "The Story Behind the Stamp: Alfred Nobel and Bofors". Part 1 in Contact Vol 4 #11, Dec 1964 p 150.

        6. - Part 2. Deals with Bofors after Nobel's death in 1896. Contact Vol4 #12 March 1956 Page 158.

        7. "Sweden Facit 607 & 608" by P.C. Thornburn (Now evidently 612 & 613) the 5 ore and 10 ore definitives of 1967 show certain varieties. Confirmation sought. Contact V6 #9 June 1970, Pages 127-128.

        8. "Some thoughts of D.H. Oakley" on Sweden Facit 612-13 discusses printing variations he has found on these two stamps. He also asks about the red single digit back numbers found on these stamps and the editor suggests they are counting numbers. Contact V6 #12 March 1971 pages 182-183.

        9. "Dag Hammarskjold-First Citizen of the World" by M. Gordon. Biographical article in Contact, March 1963, Vol 4#4, page 49.

        10. FDC Cards: Since about 1940 official Swedish FDC have included a printed card with information about the techical details of the stamp, and a short exposition about the subject of the design. Usually multi-lingual, and almost always including English.

        11. "Sweden's First Miniature Sheet" by A. Pinnell describes the Agueli issue of 1969 & gives some facts about his career. Contact V6 #9 June 1970. Pages 133-134.

        12. Wasa and Sagor booklets issued with thin paper and shiny gum c Feb 1970. PFA does not announce new variety. Contact V6 #12 March 1971 page 189

        13. "The Bulletin" published by Sweden Post contains similar but different information in English.

        14. Year sets from Sweden Post are another source in English. "You pay only for the stamps, the folder is free" is their slogan.

        15. "Year Book 94/95 Swedish Stamps Narrate" is a 45 page tri-lingual coffee-table book (Swedish, English, German) which includes mint copies of the stamps, in a lavishly illustrated exposition of the subject matter with spaces to mount the stamps. Similar books were published as far back as 91/92.

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      Topical Information

      "Astronomy in Scandinavia" by Miss M. I. Watson, M. A. is a brief discussion of Scandinavian stamps related to this topic. Contact June 1957 (Vol 2 #5) p 66, 69.

      "Dag Hammarskjold Stamps" by Jakob von Uexkull is a survey of stamps from all countries issued to honor Dag Hammarskjold during his life or after his death. Contact Vol 4 #10, Sept 1964, pages 131-32.

      "Through the Letter-Box" a R.G. Jones attacks the Hammarskjold issues as a racket to get $ from collectors. Contact V4 #12 March 1965 page 160

      "Sweden Abroad" by M. Gordon. A survey of non-Swedish stamps featuring Swedes. Contact June 1959 (Vol 3 #1) p9-11,14

      "Sweden in the USA" by H.T. Pritchett. Discusses history of Swedes in US from Viking thru 1940s. List of stamps on topic from USA, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands. Contact, September 1963, Vol 4 #6, pages 79-82

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