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Marginal and Cover Markings
Swedish booklets come with three series of markings: cylinder numbers (cyls) counting numbers (kn), and, on the outer covers, a black rectangle (RT)to mark the 50th booklet. The RT facilitiates counting the booklets in stock. Typically the cyls is found every 17th booklet, the kn every 10th, and the RT every 50th. As the serial is on the stamps and the rts on the cover these do not necessarily fall together on the 100th book and so you find a heirarchy of rarity: every 10th booklet with a km, every 17th with cyls, every 170th with both, every 850th with rts & cyl and the odds of a booklet with all 3 markings being unpredictable.

A 1969 Nobel booklet was issued in a qualtity of 389.500. It came with two colors of cover. The number of booklets with a RT & cyl are 389,500/8500= 460 booklets. There are two cyls, and two covers. Each double here probably had but 50 copies issued. This math may be slightly off, but the scale of rarity is not. The booklet varieties involving these markings are among the rarest Swedish philatelic items.

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