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These are collections which I bought from dealers and collectors. They are largely intact as I got them, but have been picked over somewhat. They are priced to sell so I can get some more. I am also interested in trades if you have lots of similar value.

Available now

  • Specialized write up 1892/1949. About 350+ used stamps on pages. $250

  • A Labor of Love

    A specialized collection of just over 358 stamps from Sweden on hand designed pages. Generally F-VF or better.

    Est cat value: Facit Skr 5000 - easily $750. Price $250.

    The collection is extensively written up showing a knowledge going far beyond that found in the standard catalogs, with many shades and varities throughout. It appears to be one portion of an extremely specialized collection. This is a chance to get information and varieties which are simply unavailable to most US collectors.

    It was sold to me an an Exhibit in the Making. Possibly it is that but the neatly typed write up on the pages is very extensive, allowing only one issue per page. Modern exhibiting style shies away from knowledge of this depth so you might have to simplify the writing to build an exhibit using these pages for a basis.

    Section 1. 1891 The 1-4 ore bicolored low values. - Scott Type A9: #52-55, Facit 61-64. The collection opens with 50 of these stamps. Twelve varieties and 38 additional copies for study. They don't catalog much, but they are fascinating to see.

    Section 2. 1910-11. The 1-4 ore low values "Small national coat of arms" design. Scott 67-73. Facit 68-74. There are 48 of these including shades, watermark KPV, inverted wm, and more.

    Section 3: Airmails: C1,3,6,7. C3 at $21 is one of the more expensive Swedish stamps. This copy shows a shifted surcharge.

    Section 4: 1932-38: The commemorative series. Complete.

    1932 Gustavus set 230-235 ($5.36 )
    1933 Postal Savings with both types of #236 (Facit Skr 400 = $60)
    1935 Parliment issue 239-247 (Scott 7.60)
    1936 Postal System issue 248-262 (Scott $17.17)
    1936 Bromma airport Scott 263 $6.25
    1938 New Sweden issue: 268-74 $2.33

    Section 5: 1938-41 The small commemoratives with booklet pairs. The main catalog value of the collection is in this section. Aside from the single stamps it includes:

    From the 1938 Gustav V's 80th Birthday issue: Two copies of Facit 265 BC (4 side+3side pair), (Skr 250 each). and one copy each of Facit 267 BC & CD (4+3 pair & 3+4 pair ). Each pair cataloging Skr 375. Total catalog this issue: Skr1250. (=$180)

    1939 Ling issue: two copies of 318 CB (3+4 side pair) @Skr 200 each. (=$60 total).

    1940 Bellman issue : one copy 324 BC @Skr 550 (=$80+)

    1939 Lineaus: two copies 321BC @Skr 260=Skr520 (=$75)

    1941 Bible issue: one copy 328BB (3+3side)=Skr 125 ($20-)

    1941 Skansen issue: two copies 330BB @Skr 70 =Skr140 ($20+)

    1941 Hazelius issue: One copy 333BB @ Skr 50 (7.50)

    1942 School issue: 340A3 (Type 1, hor perfs) @Skr 110 ($16.50) plus a vertical pair of the Type II. Not valuable but nice.

    1942 Scheele issue: 342BB @Skr50 ($7.50) plus a coil pair of the 60 ore.

    Many other booklet pairs of lesser catalog value but still useful.

    Section VI: Then it is more or less complete from 1932-49 (Scott 230-415) Includes

    1948 Three Crown definitive #398 (6.50) two copies.=$13.00
    The Three Crown definitives include many shades.

    The highlights total about $580 in Scott/Facit value. Add in the many stamps cataloging under $5 each and you've got a solid value in the collection without even considering the scarcity, of some of the highlights, or the astonishing amount of information in the writeups.

    Truly a one of a kind offer.

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