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Sweden's Commemorative Stamps

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction: Swedish Commemoratives as topicals
  2. Non-topical aspects of Sweden's Commemoratives
  3. Note: DONE THRU F336 , end of 1941, preliminary listing.

Swedish Commemorative as Topicals: A New Approach to Collecting Sweden

After long reflection I've come to decide that Swedish commemoratives make the most sense when collected by topic rather than in order of release. Release order is really fairly random in terms of the themes developed by the stamps, and the themes are the purpose of the commemoratives. I don't know if anyone has suggested this radical idea for conceiving and arranging a country collection before. I certainly didn't, so pardon me if there are a few kinks in the structure.

Swedish Commemoratives begin with a 1903 high value honoring, of all things, the opening of the new Stockholm Post office building. It was 17 years before a second commorative was issued. From this slow start the wonders of Sweden have slowly be revealed to us.


  1. Christmas Stamps (Julpost):1967-1996
  2. Cultural History: Art, Poetry, Literature
    1. F 324-25 (1940) Carl Michael Bellman (1740-95) Songwriter.
    2. F 320,322 (1939)Jons Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848) Chemist.
    3. F321,323 (1939) Carl von Linne or Lineaus (1707-1778)Botanist, Travel book writer.
    4. F333-34 (1941) Artur Hazelius, founder of Skansen and the Nodic Museum, on the 50th anniversy of Skansen qv.
    5. F318-19 (1939) Per Ling (1776-1839) Originator of Swedish gymnastics. 100th anniversary of his death.
    6. F326-27 (1940) Johan Tobias Sergel (1740-1814) Sculptor & artist.
    7. F330-31 (1941) Skansen -50th anniversary of its opening.
    8. F259-60 (1938) Emanuel Swedenborg, theologian and scientist.

  3. Discount stamps (Privatpost):1979-1996
  4. Flora and Fauna of Sweden
    1. F337 (1942-53) Flying Mute Swans

  5. Nobel Prize 1939-1996
  6. Norden - The Nordic Countries:1969-
  7. Other Topics
  8. Political History: Battles and Rulers
    1. F153-155 Gustaf Vasa (1496-1560)
    2. F 152 Gustaf II Adolf (1592-1632)
    3. F234-237 Gustaf II killed at the Battle of Lutzen (1632)
    4. F265 (1938) Queen Kristina (1626-1689) Ruled 1632-54.
    5. F338 (1942) Gustaf III (1746-92) Ruled 1771 till his murder in 1792.

    li>Postal Matters: UPU & Stamp collecting
    1. F65. 1903 GPO Stockholm opens.
    2. F196-210 (1924)UPU Congress in Stockholm
    3. F211-225 (1924)UPU 50th Anniversary
    4. F231-32 (1930) The Night Mail Airplane
    5. F238-39(1933) Postal Savings Bank 50th Anniversary
    6. F246-257 (1936) Postal Service's 300th Anniversary
    7. F258 (1936) Broma Airport opens: night-mail plane.

  9. Regions of Sweden: 1973-1980
  10. Religion
    1. F328-29 (1941) 400th anniversary of Translating the Bible into Swedish. Olavus and Petri presenting it to Gustavious Vasa.
    2. F335-36 (1941) Saint Bridget (1303-73): 550th anniversary of canonization.

  11. Royal Family: 1976-1996
    1. F149-151 (1920)Gustaf V. (1858-1950)
    2. F226-230 (1928) Gustaf V: 70th birthday
    3. F266-68 (1938) Gustaf V: 80th birthday
    4. F233 (1931)The Royal Palace in Stockholm
    5. F 332 (1941-58) The Royal Palace in Stockholm

  12. Social History: Development of Swedish society.
    1. F240-245 Swedish Parliment's 500th Anniversary

  13. Souvenir Sheets: 1969-
  14. The United States of America
    1. New Sweden colony in Delaware: 300th anniversary.

  15. Wildlife:1983-1989
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