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The Official FDC texts

These texts are transcribed as written. The Swedish post did not always have writers who could write idiomatic English, and especially not American English. Therefore some of the texts will seem clumsy in spots, or very simply written as if for children.

  1. Svante Arrhenius "One hundred years have elapsed since SVANTE ARRHENIUS was born 1859 and seventy five years since his remarkable treatise of doctorate was issued. He there put forward the elements of his theory about the electric conductive power of the solutions of salt. This theory was further developed in a short essay three years later. His theory of the dissociation by electrolysis occasioned a considerable attention, but was here and there treated with doubt and criticism. For a long time Arrhenius had to fight for its veracity until it was finally accepted. Arrhenius had by that achieved a scientific work in a great measure. In 1903 Arrhenius was given the Nobel prize in chemistry just for his theory of dissociation by electrolysis."

    (English and Swedish text on card).

  2. "Hjalmar Branting (1860-1925) has built up the polical Labour Movement in Sweden. From the start of the Labour Party (socialdemokratiska partiet) in 1889 until his death in 1925 he was the foremost leader of the party. He belonged to the Parliment (Second Chamber, corresponding to the House of Commons) from 1897- and during the first six years as its only Labour-Party representative. Branting was Prime Minister three times during the period 1920-1925.

    As a political leader he was characterized by a strong idealism an impassioned love of liberty and had a great talent for reconciling. In the domestic field his successful political contributions concerned above all the universal suffrage, national insurance and reduction of the working-hours. During his later years he took a particular interest in international problems. In the League of Nations he worked hard for the independence of his organization from coalitions of the Great Powers and for international disarmament.

    Card in English and Swedish. "+Pv tr Sth 1960".

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