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A discussion of some meters I've found which postdate the catalog. The list includes 11 types. These all have 1994 or 1995 dates.

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  • Posthorn & crown designs

      Posthorn & crown meters

      This basic design has in 3 elements.

      1. At the left a circular town dater. Every example that I have has the town name around the top, and the date straight across the center. The date is day/month/year all in numbers and separated by periods.

      2. The central element is a crown over a posthorn in the upper half. At the center bottom is a licence number for the meter. This number comes in several formats.

      3. On the right is a simulated postage stamp - wavy lines like perforations at the right and bottom. Across the top it says "SVERIGE" (fonts vary) and in the center the value is given (formats vary).

      I'm going to number the examples but these numbers mean nothing as far as sequence of issue is concerned. Its simply a way for me to tell them apart.

      1. License format "LIC./nnnn or nnnnn"
        1. 66mm x28mm (widthx height)
          Licence # format: "LIC." on one line and a 4 or 5 digit number below it. The bottom of the number is in line with the bottom of the simulated perfs.
          "SVERIGE" is 20mm x 6mm.
          Denomination format: 000.00

        2. 63mx28mm
          Same design as preceeding but denomination format: 00.00

      2. License format "LIC.nnnnn"
        1. 65 mm x 24 mm
          Denomination format" 0000 (no decimal point- value is in ore)

        2. 66mm x 24 mm
          Denomination format: 00000
        3. 68 mm x 25 mm
          Crown and posthorn 9mm high (very small)
          Denomination format: three wavy lines +00.00

      3. License format: : "LIC./P.B. nnnnn" (Pitney Bowes?)
        62c24 mm
        Denomination format: 3 wavy lines+nnn
      4. License format: "LIC/PB nnnnn or nnnn" (no periods)
        1. 64 x26 mm. (7 vertical perf "holes")
          Denomination format: 3 wavy lines +0000 (ore)
        2. 64x22mm (6 vertical perf "holes")
          Denomination format: three wavy lines + 0000 (ore)
        3. 66 x 29 mm (7 vertical perf "holes)
          Denomination fomat: three wavy lines + 0000 (ore)
          Licence number below bottom "perf" line. Perfs end in straight line.
      5. License format: "P.B. nnnnn"
        1. 60x24 (6 vertical perf holes & no ridge)
          Denomination format: 3 wavy lines + 0.00 (Skr format)
        2. 62 x 24 (6 vertical holes & no ridge)
          Denomination format: 3 wavy lines + 0000 (ore format)

      More information about these meters, or those of other designs is welcomed. I am eager to get examples of Swedish meters.

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