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2013 Autumn Hybrids

Dear Friends, I am indeed honored to offer five Autumn Hybrids of Harold Koopowitz and Marilyn Howe. There has been a lot of interest in fall blooming narcissus lately. They broaden the season. Soon we may see fall Daffodil Shows in warmer climates, how exciting!! The five I am offering are all very different from one another and give us a glimpse of hybridization to come. The bulbs are priced individually.Enjoy!!
NAME RHS TYPE Season DESCRIPTION Click Image for Larger Image PRICE
Autumn Habit 3 W-Y Fall Seedling number 99-70/1. Its seed parent is Habit and pollen parent is N. miniatus. This is an Intermediate on a dwarf stem about 12.8 inches high. It is a good, clean white with a cheerful, clear yellow cup. Hybridizers Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe. $40.00
Glittering Embers 7 Y-GYO Fall Seedling number 98-70/1. Its seed parent is N. willkommii and its pollen parent is a 2 O-R seedling. It is dwarf, less than 12.8 inches high. Named because it reminded it's hybridizer of fire sparks. Perianth is a brilliant greenish yellow and the corona has a green base. 2-3 flowers to a stem. Hybridizer Harold Koopowitz. . Blooms Autumn to very early winter. A Nancy Wilson exclusive. $35.00
Season's Greetings 7 W-GWW Fall Seedling number 01-008-1. It's seed parent is N. jomquilla and it's pollen parent is Emerald Sea. Miniature in size with a long stem still , less than 12.8 inches high. It flowers between Christmas,New Year and the end of January. What a lovely bouquet for a party! Sweetly scented. 3-5 flowers per stem. Hybridizer Harold Koopowitz. $35.00
Tequilla Sunrise 7 Y-O Fall Grows in the South and West well, good multiplier, a good one to start with if you are not certain of your climate. Usually flowers in November. Good clumped and vigorous, slight jonquils fragrance. Hybridizers Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz. $17.50 or $45 for three
Verdant Sparks 7 G-G Fall Seedling number 00-008/1. Seed parent N. viridiflorus and pollen parent N. jonquilla. Autumn blooming, all green in color. Wonderful for flower arrangeing. Dwarf and less that 12.8 inches high. 2-3 flowers per stem, strongly scented, Names because this flower is green and starry. Only a few to go. $50.00

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