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2013 Autumn Hybrids

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N. Cantabricus
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2013 Autumn Hybrids

Dear Friends, I am indeed honored to offer five Autumn Hybrids of Harold Koopowitz and Marilyn Howe. There has been a lot of interest in fall blooming narcissus lately. They broaden the season. Soon we may see fall Daffodil Shows in warmer climates, how exciting!! The five I am offering are all very different from one another and give us a glimpse of hybridization to come. The bulbs are priced individually.Enjoy!!
NAME RHS TYPE Season DESCRIPTION Click Image for Larger Image PRICE
Autumn Habit 3 W-Y Fall Seedling number 99-70/1. Its seed parent is Habit and pollen parent is N. miniatus. This is an Intermediate on a dwarf stem about 12.8 inches high. It is a good, clean white with a cheerful, clear yellow cup. Hybridizers Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe. $40.00
Glittering Embers 7 Y-GYO Fall Seedling number 98-70/1. Its seed parent is N. willkommii and its pollen parent is a 2 O-R seedling. It is dwarf, less than 12.8 inches high. Named because it reminded it's hybridizer of fire sparks. Perianth is a brilliant greenish yellow and the corona has a green base. 2-3 flowers to a stem. Hybridizer Harold Koopowitz. . Blooms Autumn to very early winter. A Nancy Wilson exclusive. $35.00
Season's Greetings 7 W-GWW Fall Seedling number 01-008-1. It's seed parent is N. jomquilla and it's pollen parent is Emerald Sea. Miniature in size with a long stem still , less than 12.8 inches high. It flowers between Christmas,New Year and the end of January. What a lovely bouquet for a party! Sweetly scented. 3-5 flowers per stem. Hybridizer Harold Koopowitz. $35.00
Tequilla Sunrise 7 Y-O Fall Grows in the South and West well, good multiplier, a good one to start with if you are not certain of your climate. Usually flowers in November. Good clumped and vigorous, slight jonquils fragrance. Hybridizers Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz. $17.50 or $45 for three
Verdant Sparks 7 G-G Fall Seedling number 00-008/1. Seed parent N. viridiflorus and pollen parent N. jonquilla. Autumn blooming, all green in color. Wonderful for flower arrangeing. Dwarf and less that 12.8 inches high. 2-3 flowers per stem, strongly scented, Names because this flower is green and starry. Only a few to go. $50.00

Narcissus are divided and color coded for identification.

Narcissus are classified by the Royal Horticulture Society into 13 Divisions.  Divisions 1-12 are of garden origin.

Division 1:      Trumpet

Division 2:      Large-cupped

Division 3:      Small-cupped

Division 4:      Double

Division 5:      Triandrus

Division 6:      Cyclamineus

Division 7:      Jonquilla and Apodanthus

Division 8:      Tazetta

Division 9:       Poeticus

Division 10:     Bulbocodium cultivars (or hybrids)

Division 11:     Split Corona (a) Collar, (b) Papillon

Division 12:     Daffodils that do not fit into other categories

Divisions 13:    Species and wild variants and hybrids

Color codes are as follows: y=yellow, w=white, o=orange, g=green, p=pink, r=red. If a daffodil is labeled y-y it means it has a yellow perianth and a yellow corona. These designations can become quite complicated if there are bands of color in the flower ie, Gipsy Queen 1 YYW-WWY.

Recommended Readings

American Daffodil Society, Modern Daffodil Cultivars, 4126 Winfield Road , Columbus , Ohio 43229

James S. Wells, Modern Miniature Daffodils, Species and Hybrids, IBSN 0-88192-118-1

John WW. Blanchard, Narcissus, A Guide to Wild Daffodils, Alpine Garden Society, Lye End Link, St. John’s Woking, Surrey, GU21 15W

     Good luck.  Happy growing.   Attend  your local Daffodil show in the spring.  You will be amazed at the different kinds and colors.  Join the American Daffodil Society, 4126 Winfield Road, Columbus, OH 43220-4606.


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