1717 153's
Almost 200 279's

Oh! Oh no! Not another complicated ‘set up’! This is not, it is in your tongue, your language, ‘ENGLISH’. Those who have always dwelt in the Hebrew and Greek ‘camps’ have dismissed the worldwide language of the end of ‘The Time of the End’ i.e. 360 yrs of the ‘6000 yr. Adamic Cycle’ (now accepted as ending) as to having no gematrical ‘properties’ to compare with the former ‘carrier’ tongues.

Is that True? We think not. We believe that over this last half-century there have been voices crying in the wilderness preparing the ‘way’ for this revealing to come in God’s timing. That ‘timing’ would seem to be now, in a period of coding that is unique in history.

This coding is alerting our watchmen. It is showing the need for vigilance and awareness in the increased knowledge and mysteries being revealed in God’s creation.

It may be advisable to place before you the accepted meaning of the word Gematria. It is the ancient science of using numerical values of Greek, Hebrew and Latin letters to change words into numbers. Gematria can be associated with Hebrew and Greek in mystic terms. But when it comes down to “plain English”, there are spiritual messages hidden before our very eyes.

It would seem that coding has always been part of the Creation plan. The coding applied to the ‘666’ feature has caused much speculation, with the main body of watchmen. The personalities attached to ‘666’ have been many. We can expect this of course. The Lord deliberately drew attention to it.

However, there has not been as much attention given to another remarkable figure or sign, with far more reaching results. This being the number of fish caught in the net recorded as 153.

This last recorded miracle happened during the 40 days in which the risen Lord spoke about things pertaining unto ‘The Kingdom of God’. The same writer who recorded the 153 fishes did not give the same notice that he revealed in the Revelation features 666 and the 144,000. Yet 153 is a special number involved in the declared plan and purpose of the Father, to ultimately establish that Kingdom on this planet Earth.

Bullinger, although applying Hebrew and Greek coding to 153, said in his “Number in Scripture” that he and other scholars of his day felt there was far more significance to 153 than they could determine and recommended a continuing study of numerical values relating to this subject.

Bullinger like many today, never dreamed that the very language he was translating these former tongues into for his readers to grasp, was also codified from the foundation of the world. The Lord certainly knew the language that we would be speaking in this end time.

January 2000_____________Study One______________Les and Nella Harrison

The English language is a living, breathing entity. Always growing and expanding. The English language is constantly begging, borrowing, or stealing from other languages. That is why English today has a vocabulary of over one million words. Other languages have far fewer words because they wish to keep their language pure. That doesn’t bother us. That happy tolerance, that willingness to accept words from anywhere, explains the richness of English and why it has become the first global language.

Have you ever wondered how the language of a small island off the coast of Europe became the language of the planet? Consider that the same cultural soil that produced the English language also nourished the great principles of freedom and the rights of man. All this within the last six hundred years or so. This tiny country has developed a language that has covered the earth.

When the Romans invaded Britain, there was no such thing as the English language. Celtic, Breton, and Gaelic were the major dialects. Then in 1066, William the Conqueror crossed the English Channel speaking French. He soon whipped his kinsman into shape. The aristocracy spoke French. The church spoke Latin and the tongues of the common people were amalgamated into what was called Middle English. But, English soon swallowed up the French language. Henry VIII broke with the Pope and the language of Latin was eradicated. Elizabeth 1 ascended the throne and the expansion of empire began carrying the English language to the four corners of the earth. Shakespeare, Chancre and others carried the language to dizzying heights.

May I suggest to you that He who sits upon the circle of the earth and governs the universe with His proscribed cycles within cycles and wheels within wheels, He who gave to Adam the first language has brought this language full circle?

Listen up now. Linguists have long had a theory (for nothing was written down) that our Mother tongue originated in the valleys of India - Europe. As the tribes scattered north, south, east and west, using different tribal names, speaking different dialects, there remained a residual imprint of the Mother tongue in the brain cells of these sons of Adam.

This language that emerged from the Garden of Eden has been retained in bits and fragments in all languages of the earth. Now comes the English language borrowing, begging and stealing words from other languages, covering the earth as waters cover the sea.

To those of you who may be enamored by the ‘so called’ computer discovery of Bible coding and you Bible students who have been made to feel illiterate because you don’t know Greek and Hebrew, pay attention! The English language is a coded language. Numbering the Alphabet from A=1 to Z=26, a whole new world opens up.

Remember the 153 fishes caught by the Jesus` disciples? The number 153 has great significance else it would not be so recorded. 153 is the end product of `threes`, three being the triangle number, the digital root number, the Trinity number. Listen now to the lovely cadence of English Gematria equaling 153.

This is a tiny fragment of what the perusal of English Gematria will reveal to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

A man named Kjell Sandven was a photographer for Smithsonian institute for many years. In his travels around the world he took a great many pictures of butterflies, his special interest. He discovered letters of the English alphabet on the wings of some of these butterflies, also numerals 0-9.

So the next time you catch a butterfly check the wings, there may be a message written just for you.

January 2000_____________Study One______________Les and Nella Harrison

Our Language---The English Language---Is it Coded? In our previous paper we suggested that The English Language possibly has a very unique coding built into it--not by any particular person wishing to hide something by secretizing the code--in itself.

To the ordinary reader the Hebrew and Greek and Latin languages are former languages used in former times-also there was in many cases secret codings ‘built’ into the language for secretive purposes. Even with normal education the above former languages are not within our comprehension-unless translated by competent Hebrew and Greek scholars- so again we are placed in the position of ‘sitting’ at Galmaliel’s feet or relying upon the honesty of those translating, to bring the Truth to us-even the much quoted ‘Strong’s definitions’ are not without it’s critics questioning the source of his interpretation.

They, the languages, have had their usage in bringing us to the present time -and that within them, that which is Truth will carry through to all ages-but we have - the common people-been born into the ‘world wide’ language of ‘the day’-ENGLISH - with 26 letters- A to Z, that has just come about in the ‘ongoingness of Creation’-just grew up-‘no one fixed it (well no one on Earth) but it has arrived and still it grows and grows. We want to bring to your attention a remarkable ‘encoding’ that simply ‘staggers’ one when the most simple method of decoding is applied, that is A=1, B=2, C=3, through to Z=26, there is nothing complicated, just equate the ongoing numbers to the ongoing 26 letters forming the English language.

In Hab2: v 2 he was told to “Write the vision, and make it PLAIN upon tables that he may run that readeth.” Run also suggests a positive - maybe an exciting message to carry confidence and comfort and resolution. Run builds up all sorts of situations. We do not have to run and check the ‘roots’ first. There are as with all words (negative and positive ‘tentacles’) using common sense with spiritual perception (to those who have the gift) will give a greater gleaning, but without it the evidence still reveals itself. One can see that no academic training is needed for this simple process; it is easier than doing a crossword puzzle. We have to, as individuals, choose to use our personal inbuilt computer i.e. the Brain as opposed to the mechanical modern computer, for obvious reasons that even with these remarkable and wonderful inventions, they have to be programmed by the human mind . “Choose ye between”!!! There always has been choice ‘inbuilt’ into our ‘being’-not that we always have ’free’ choice of course, in certain ways and circumstances as we know from experience.

We have submitted for your consideration that ENGLISH can be related to numerical structure-very simple-so simple that a school child can work it out: you simply apply the digital figures (0--9) to the individual letters comprising the words making the statement. A=1, B=2, and so on to Z=26. Note this is the first simple step for the introduction into this present day worldwide coded language.
An example: -GOD =7+15+4 =26
“The Kingdom of God” =153 (33+73+21+26)
“King of Kings and Lord of Lords”=279 (check it out)
“Jesus Christ the Son of God=279 (74+77+33+48+21+26)

When we run we don’t want to ‘stumble’ so we will return to the ‘Main Gate or entrance to view the ‘treasures ‘within. Over it is hung the ‘Key’ with a number on it 153. It is the number or figure made PLAIN by St John Ch.21: v11. It is the recorded number of the BIG FISHES caught in the net-after the disciples had The Lord’s advice to cast it on the right or correct side. The Lord Jesus Christ was near by on that occasion-200 cubits is mentioned in the same recording-”Lord Jesus Christ” =200(49+74+77) in English gematria.

153 in Hebrew and Greek studies has been accorded a group of important terms generally as set forth in Dr Bullinger’s work ‘Number in Scripture’. In this he comments on the mysterious way in which it is introduced giving his own observations and culled references from previous students in this field of study. He also inferred that, “future days may reveal more enlightenment on this remarkable figure” 153. (Recorded incidentally by the same person who suggested Wisdom in searching out another mystic number--666) Rev 13:vs17.18.

Yes, 153 has shown through many applications it’s significance in former Biblical carrier languages but in the MODERN language of this day-the present age in which the “I AM THAT I AM” still speaks clearly, many have accepted that The Lord would know the worldwide language that is spoken in the ever present NOW. This language that has taken THE WORD to every corner of the earth.

“O earth, earth, earth, hear THE WORD of THE LORD”.... (Jer.22: v29).

This shows us plainly and clearly that through HIS WORDS and through HIS WORKS -HIS VOICE comes through. “This is the way walk ye in it”. ‘The Way’ leads to somewhere -always to discover new things.

In Scripture The Lord seems to use fish or its implications: Four or 1/3rd of His disciples-first picked and lasted to stay the course-were Fishermen.

Matt17:7 Peter was sent to collect money from the mouth of the fish. The crowds of assembled people 4000-5000 were miraculously fed on fish and bread on the two recorded occasions. (Matt 14:19--Matt15:36) Remember the ‘fish experience’ that was used to bring into ‘line’ a reluctant prophet?

In His resurrected body The Lord ate broiled fish and honey comb..(Luke24:42) St John 21:11--the last miracle, recorded in the last gospel, in the last chapter, during the 40 post-resurrection days of Christ Jesus before ascending into the heavens could be a major sign for the Last Days?? Acts 1:v3:-”To whom also He shewed Himself alive after His passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days and speaking of the things pertaining unto The Kingdom of God”(KJV) -(our capitals)--153 fishes were specifically recorded. In the English encoding “ The Kingdom of God”(33+73+21+26)=153. Doesn’t this term embrace all and every thing? Our Lord instructed us “to seek first The Kingdom of God...” and there can only be one ‘first’. St John 21:11 the wonderful catch of fishes -on this occasion were counted -153!! again Our Lord may have partaken of the meal He had prepared for the disciples-fish again on the fire.

“I will make you fishers of men”(Matt6:33)-a much more leisurely approach than the “hunters”(Jer16:16)-well maybe not-when one realizes the work involved in ‘deep sea fishing’-probably the most exacting of all occupations.

Do we find any equations or codings to given support to pursuing the question of fish involvement? we know that Fish gates are mentioned in the walls of the city Jerusalem -- (2Chr33:v14-Neh3:v3-Neh12:v39-Zeph1:v10) Yes there seems to be, can we put a few forward for your consideration ?remember the simple code A=1B=2C=3..D=4....
Watchmen think on these things-Christians (Amen) put your crossword and other puzzles aside, and sharpen up your brain with finding for yourself HIS ENCODING in our present day tongue. This is the day of “unveilings” in so many areas of Creation.

To go through a gate -an entrance-suggests entering into ’fresh areas’, hitherto an ‘unexplored dimension’ of unknown proportions--this is so, once claiming “The Holy Keys”(153)!! and unlocking the Main (first) Gate-entrance-door-you can at leisure examine and explore the ‘rooms’, but you will have to walk into to obtain the blessings- -the wonder of His ‘inbuilt’ designs--the majestic construction- -the thrilling patterns that are witnessing to this explosion of this remarkable enlightenment now being expanded at The Lord’s pace.

Like all areas of His (PURPOSE+PLAN)(153) there are the “Elijahs” of The Lord (I Kings19:v18--Romans11:v4) ‘unknown’-- was it 7000!!? was it for this 7000th ‘yr known as the Millennium--is this why strangely the word Elijah is attached to the Fish symbol or sign? At first it seemed to be out of place- but not when you relate it to the reason why The Lord gave that answer in a period of discouragement during Elijah’s experiences. In and around there will be many with similar approaches to these ongoing revelations, especially during these transitional days we are passing through.

Why not you Christians out there put aside the ‘crosswords’ and bring the same energy into Scriptural equations and other areas of ongoing life. Move into the lush fields and feed upon this wholesome food and drink. Sit beside the ‘pools’ to land that which is ‘hidden in the depths’. Until the next time-great fishing!!, but like all ‘fishing’, the results will be unknown-sometimes plenteous-sometimes scarce.

What ever you catch, place it down and begin to build up the various equations and it will surprise you what The Lord has done in the English Language.

Remember we have to understand the simple ABC-take the letters of the words and add up the numerical structure-then the statement.
Another example:-WORD(23+15+18+4)=60
“God is Love”(7+15+4+9+19+12+15+22+5)=108
“The Lord God”=108--------”The Lamb of God”=108
“A Wall of Fire”=108 (search for similar equations)

The Lord is speaking to the ordinary people, it is time to awaken to present day ‘unveilings’ without having to have specialized tuition. Start fishing soon-those who look after the physical fishing grounds are seriously concerned with diminishing supplies due to overfishing-the spiritual ‘fishing especially in the English ‘waters’ they are well stocked and ready for all comers. To those publications that contain Biblical crosswords or puzzles, we are not inferring any belittlement of this method of stimulating Scriptural interest.

If there was ever any confirmation for an idea, it's this list of 153's

Now, you didn't think that English gematria was limited to 153 did you? Les' list of 279's is just as impressive. And being a larger number, the phrases get longer. 279 is the Door to a whole new room of English Gematria. Here's a couple of "teasers: JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD"= 279 and "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS"=279. The other 191 examples follow Les' introductory remarks.

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