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 24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: (800) 211-1188

Planning for Safety

To increase your safety:
  • Tell others you trust such as friends, family, neighbors and co-workers what is happening and talk about ways they might be able to help.
  • Memorize emergency numbers for the local police, support persons and crisis hotlines.
  • Identify escape routes and places to go if you need to flee from an unsafe situation quickly.
  • Talk with your children about what they should do if a violent incident occurs or if they are afraid.
  • Put together an emergency bag with money and/or checkbooks, extra car keys, medicine, and important papers such as birth certificates, social security cards, immigation documents, and medical cards. Keep it somewhere safe and accessible, such as with a trusted friend.
  • Trust your instincts — if you think you are in immediate danger, you probably are.  Get to a safe place as soon as you can.

Women's Crisis Shelter in Southern Humboldt
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