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 24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: (800) 211-1188

A Survivor's Story

      It is hard to say when enough is "enough" — and mean it. Is it one too many black eyes, bruised arms or is it the sliding self esteem that gets smaller each day as you're told, "You can't do anything right," or "Don't even think of leaving me," or "How can you be so stupid?" For one of our clients it was when it seemed "impossible to live."

      "When I left, violence was a regular part of our lives. I knew there had to be more to life, but where ... how?" Sandra recalls, "When my two little girls started to shut down from fear, I realized that it wasn't just me he was hurting. He was hurting them also."

      She had picked up a WISH brochure and tucked it away in her purse ... just in case. Two days later she called the 24-hour crisis number and asked for help, not knowing how this call could change her world. Within a couple of hours she was out of reach of the hands and the voice that hurt her daily, and was instead greeted with a caring hand and kind heart by the WISH house manager. What followed was counseling, parenting classes, tutoring for her children and months of support, resources, and encouragement. She was also given rides to much-needed medical care and court appointments in Eureka. Sandra and her daughters began to heal.

      For the past year she has maintained her own home, has a job, her daughters are good students and are active in Girl Scouts ... and Sandra is their troop leader and a part-time student herself, working toward career goals through education. "At WISH, I gained the confidence to become a productive person and become the kind of mother my children deserve. The call I made to WISH changed my life forever."

      Sandra is not the real name of the woman in this story, but the facts are very true. WISH is a shelter for women and children, but it is also a resource for anyone who is in crisis. We have a complete resource referral network and are here to assist in making this a healthier community. If you're ready to take that first step, call (707) 923-4100 or page us at (707) 923-1770.