ASIS Internet Services

ASIS High-Speed Wireless Internet

ASIS Internet is proud to offer blazingly fast wireless access in Southern Humboldt. This wireless internet access is truly the best and fastest connection available, hands down. At this time, locations with direct line-of-sight to Pratt Mountain may qualify to receive this high-speed service. In the future, demand will dictate the installation of repeaters to bring this service to other areas in our community.
High-Speed Wireless Internet FAQ's:
Q: How fast is it?

A: Basic service guarantees a 1 MBps download speed, but is often much faster. The slowest download speed we've seen so far was 2 MBps, and the fastest seen so far was over 5 MBps.

Q: Is it a satellite service?

A: No. The signal is broadcast right here in So. Hum, from either Pratt Mountain or Paradise Ridge, instead of from a satellite 30,000 miles up in the sky. Therefore, there is no "lag", "latency” or "rain fade", which are all associated with satellite internet.

Q: What can I do with this high-speed service?

A: The possibilities are endless, but here is a short list: Download movies you want to watch, instead of driving to town to rent them, and driving back to town to return them.... Use an inexpensive VoIP (voice over IP) telephone, with a low monthly flat-fee that includes long distance calls and allows you to cancel your landline telephone service.... Start "telecommuting" to your job…. Set up a network in your house, so everyone in the household can access the internet simultaneously, at a reasonable speed, superior to dialup, DSL or satellite.... There are many more perks available, and ASIS is planning to set up a special web page full of resources.

Q: I don't know where Pratt Mountain is. How can I tell if my location is viable?

A: GPS coordinates will allow us to do a site analysis. ASIS has a hand-held GPS reader you can borrow to get your latitude and longitude, and we can tell you if the service will work in your location.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: The basic monthly rate is $65 a month, for 1 Gigabyte of transfer. There are other service plans available with higher transfer allowances. Service includes filtered email and nationwide dial-up access for use when you travel.

Q: If I exceed the Gigabyte in a month, is my speed throttled down, like the satellite companies do?

A: No, your speed is not throttled down. You simply pay extra that month, for any overage.

Q: What equipment is installed?

A: The equipment is by Tranzeo ( and can consist of a 2.4 Ghz radio, or if distance is an issue, a 5.8 Ghz radio. Certain locations may require a dish or antennae, as well.

Q: I live "off the grid"... can I still get this service?

A: Yes! Alternative Energy is no problem. The power requirements of the radio receiver is minimal.

Q: How much do the equipment cost?

A: The radio receiver costs $350.

Q: How can I get this service?

A: If your GPS reading indicates you have line-of-sight to Pratt Mountain or Paradise Ridge, ASIS can initiate a plan for installation.